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Sustainable Return Policy

Every company has an effect on its surroundings and the overall environment, we as a company are aware of this and part of this effect also. However, we do feel that we have a responsibility to ensure we make a positive contribution and do better when it comes to our environment. As there is no a large increase on online presence when it comes to consumers, it is necessary more than ever to maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly return policy within our own organisation. More products sold online usually means more returned products, with this influx of online presence this means that we are causing more harm to the environment due to transportation as two trips would take place rather one.

Therefore, we are very mindful and constantly looking for ways to reduce these returns and ensuring that multiple courier trips do not take place. Our promise in ensuring we abide by these changes are by describing our products with as much as details as possible, clearer and true to colour images and packaging items with more care, security and stability to ensure no damage takes place during transit. We are also changing the way we pack items, we will be packing in a more compact and size friendly packaging to ensure that more products can fit in a single transportation trip.

A second chance

When a customer returns their item, they are never re-sent nor put back into stock unless they have gone through a quality check. For damaged or defective returned items, they are again put through a serious of quality checks and they are reused again within our own departments. For extremely damaged items, these are completely checked to see if some parts can be used to recycle or used as parts. We do our upmost best to ensure that most returned items are usable for our own needs. After thorough check of returned items, we have clearance stores in Holland where they are presented to customers looking for either recycled or second hand items for a reduced price. We ensure our customers walk away fully aware of what they are purchasing in our clearance stores, making our customers and the environment satisfied!

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