An industrial look for your home: the Raw Urban decor circa 2019

A touch of luxury combined with a rough base: this is what industrial style and decor is. The more chic name for it is ´Raw Urban decor´. Think of leather, wood, dark colors such as a combination of greys and blacks. Not to your liking? Read on, maybe we can change your mind!

Industrial decor with a new look

“Less is more” that is the idea! This year we are going for originality when it comes to interior decor when compared to last year’s Raw Urban style and looks. The difference is, last year the Raw Urban decor was a lot more robust and more rugged, this year it´s all about toning it down, a quieter and more feminine finish (sorry men). A bit more refined accessories combined with more statement-making furniture such as a leather sofa.

industrial living style

Inspiration from the 90s

For this style and decor, inspiration and ideas stem from the 19th and 20th century where old factory and warehouse buildings were converted into robust homes! It was a trend back then and now its back again and a lot more refined! A lot of use is made of metal or steel allowing you to make it as rugged as you want, include tinted or matte glass sliding doors making it more trendy and stylish in your home.

Lighting in a Raw Urban style and decor

Robust and industrial lighting is what is needed for a Raw Urban style and decor. More robust and rugged lamps were used last year, this year though go all out with more sleeker but still tough and pretty much all about industrial look to suit your Raw Urban finish. Want to add a bit more rust? Go for it! There are a lot of industrial pendant lamps that are in line with the so-called “factory lamps”.

industrial living style

At lampandlight, we are on trend with this style and decor! There are various industrial lamps that will perfectly fit with your Raw Urban style and decor! Our biggest eye-catcher is the Manhattan range, these pendant lamps meet the Raw Urban requirements. We are in love with it!

Ready for some luxury in your home? Great! Give your home that little bit of something extra for a striking industrial style and decor finish. Be inspired and stay on trend by heading over to our Inspiration page!

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