Antique Country Style Decor

antique country style decor

Many of us find it inspiring to bring a bit of country to the city through our homes, antique country style is the perfect solution to that. Antique country decor is a shabby chic form of vintage and rustic combined with antique and country furniture and accessories with history.
Antique country decor is warm, natural and infuses charm and romance. Soft and pastel colours, bright accessories with rusted or weathered steel work and furniture. This is style and decor radiates so much atmosphere and brings alive the entire space its been chosen for.


The basic colour of an antique country style decor is white, brown and pastel tones such as soft pink, light green and soft blue. Flooring is also important in this decor, white wash and grey wash wooden floors made out of oak or pine.
If the shelving units are not suitable you can always paint it to the colour that suits you or decorate it. Wall papers are ideal to fill some space or create an accent wall, choose wall papers with various designs such as flowers, birds or baroque to create a romantic and charming atmosphere. Materials are also important, soft fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool or lace are ideal.

antique decor

Everything doesn’t have to be necessarily Antique

Furnishings are the core of an antique country decor but they don’t have to be necessarily antique. Use antique pieces when it comes to furniture and accessories, think of china cabinets with old fashioned crockery inside them, decorative religious figurines and ceramics and pottery accessories. Rustic wooden panels or French shutters as part of your antique country style, coupled with rusted metals, enamelware and weathered glass accessories to highlight the richly decorated room with original objects stemming from an antique and country style influences.
Choose linen or fabric sofa with button details for a more classic look, complete a seating area with wooden chairs with soft and drained paint work with stools to act as a coffee table.
Look at the classic lines more closely and the shapes of them, avoid sleek, tight and symmetrical lines as it is all about a soft yet rustic look.

Easy search

Antique Country style is all about a combination of old furniture and accessories, you might think its really hard to find things for this style decor; however that is not true there are so many places you can get the right furnishings for this decor.
Today, there are many shops and online stores that stock and specialise in specific decors such as this one where you are able to find beautiful items that will go with this style. You can also find antique shops and market places that will have great decorative accessories to compliment the decor. If you are looking for individual items to complete the overall look you will find that one special chair or stool in your search.

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