Back to the 70s!

A retro decor and style is a way of in cooperating with whats the latest in trend today! A retro inspired decor combines simplicity with beautiful colours, for example a retro inspired decor is not too bland nor too bold therefore it is the perfect middle ground for your retro inspired decor. For inspiration, we look at the characteristics of the 1950s, 60s and 70s such as the colours, stripes, circles and flowers that was widely used.

classic decor style

Classic Decor Style

When we say “classic” style we mean symmetry, luxury, comfort, quality, elegance, stylish and graceful look and design. The classic style is more on the romantic side as it uses raw and pure materials, it has more of an elaborate and grand gesture along with more subdued colours. Whenever we think of a classic look, we associate it with wealth, however you do not need to have a huge budget in mind in order to create this look its about creating the illusion of wealth at the very best.

Country decor style

Living in Country Decor Style

Country decor and design is not just for the inside of your home but can be extended to your garden, terrace and balcony. You can create a country inspired decor for your garden and home to provide a space that will become a peaceful and sanctuary place for you. Natural colours, rustic furniture and warm materials are the key elements to country inspired decor, combinations of these styles and designs are key to a fresh and peaceful atmosphere.

Modern style

The modern living style for your interior.

What exactly is modern style and decor? Well modern design and style goes along with the latest β€œit” trend when it comes decor. Today, the modern decor and style is characterised by sleek and simple items with a no-frills design such as large furnitures, statement making centerpieces that forms clean and straight lines and luxurious materials to compliment the overall decor.