Back to the 70s!


The Golden Middle Ground

A retro decor and style is a way of in cooperating with whats the latest in trend today! A retro inspired decor combines simplicity with beautiful colours, for example a retro inspired decor is not too bland nor too bold therefore it is the perfect middle ground for your retro inspired decor. For inspiration, we look at the characteristics of the 1950s, 60s and 70s such as the colours, stripes, circles and flowers that was widely used.

Warm and nostalgic

Warm colours such as yellow, orange and brown are often the popular choice of colours for a 70s retro interior decor. These colours exude warmth and ‘good old days’ feeling! For your walls a fun and psychedelic motif wall paper is often chosen to compliment the rest of your decor. However, these rich and warm colours might not suit everyone’s taste or provide them the tranquility they want from the overall decor as it could be too ‘busy’. Therefore, you can tone it down by using pastel colours such as powder pink and mint green, subtle motif wall paper on accented walls that are not too dominating yet eye catching. If you want to include a little bit of modern look to combine with the retro decor, leave a concrete wall exposed without paint or wall paper as this will complement the retro interior and cherish the overall look. This style is all about having fun as everything can be done with it and everything is also allowed, you just have to ensure that everything is within proportion and works well together.

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Simplistic Shapes

Retro is a striking style and wood plays a central part in the overall design and decor. Teak wood is very popular, it’s warmth and tan brown colour gives a room a cosy and atmospheric look, therefore teak furniture from the 50s has simplistic shapes and forms, it also often has round corners to add style to the decor. Typical furniture with a retro look are the low arm chairs with leather upholstery, teak topped coffee tables and Eames chair for dining table. Slim and defined book case or shelves on your wall, tables and chairs that are so typical of the 50s are also reflected in modern retro interior decor.
Does this mean you have to get rid of your complete decor? Absolutely not, a combination of new and old will make the new decor special and stand out even more. A retro inspired decor is sometimes all about furniture that has history and that has been used, this is what gives them the charm and retro-vintage overall style. A bit of wear and tear, dents and scratches on these furniture will give the overall retro inspired look.


Wood flooring is the epitome of a retro inspired decor, think of oak flooring or a vintage softwood flooring, their beautiful patterns fit very well within the framework of a retro decor. Think of fish bone patterned flooring or polka dot design as this will liven up the overall interior and provide the overall look. Carpets also work for a retro decor, think of very wide and complete floor covering carpets or large rugs with abstract designs as well as Persian rugs with an ornamental style.

Eye catchers

A retro decor is not complete without the right accessories. As the retro inspired decor could already be too busy because of the striking wall colours and furniture already in place, you do not want to over accessories but rather choose some statement makers. Use striking and statement makers such as an LP player or a gramophone on your sideboard, a floor lamp with a very large shade. When it comes to retro lamps they all come in different shapes and colours, abstract, round or oval lamps fir very well with a retro inspired decor. Large light bulbs, industrial and retro-motif lamps are the popular choices for this style of living and are the finishing touch to your unique decor.

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