Choose a cosy and relaxing light for your child’s bedroom

Bringing a child into this world is one of the most amazing experiences parents can go through, however you would also like to organise and create a room where they feel the most at ease. We’re here to help you choose the best lighting for a child’s room.

All in one: a lot of colour but subtle and relaxing

The days where pink is for girls and blue is for boys are over! In terms of colour you now get carte blanche, choose as much colour as you want! However, a good tip is to keep it subtle like pastel colours or earthy tones such as light brown and greys as those colour hues bring an overall relaxing atmosphere. Use those colour tones or even combine them and see how your child’s room transforms you!

Children's room lightingIntroduce atmospheric lights into your child’s room

Placing the right amount of lights in your child’s room is important, not only is it ideal for the perfect light for them to doze off in but also for functionality and decorative purposes too. Do you need to see what we mean? Here are some examples to give you an idea! Your little one will definitely enjoy it, we think you will too!


Children's room lightingThe ideal wall lamp for a nursery is the Wall Lamp Neon Moon, this dimmable yet fun and decorative light will create a focal point in their room and allow them to doze off to dreamland. Perfect lamp for both boys and girls! A more functional yet atmospheric lighting is the Pendant Lamp Masons Pastel Pink, either hang it above their cot or bed or in the middle of the room using a decorative filament bulb to complete the look. The copper finish and a filament bulb will complement the overall finished for your child’s room!

Add the fun element

No more stress! Get creative and make your child’s room as fun as you want it to be. Let yourself and your child fall in love with this room. Lots of fun and light guaranteed!

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