Christmas: a combination of atmospheric lighting and hot chocolate

Winter is here, which means Christmas is ever so close and presents should be filling up under your Christmas tree. Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? Do you need gift inspiration? Grab your hot chocolate and read on…Merry Christmas!

Get your table ready for Christmas with this years style

Christmas: most atmospheric time of the yearAn inviting table is the goal for Christmas! A beautifully set table immediately gives a different vibe and settles in the Christmas spirit allowing your guests to feel comfortable and ready to dig in for Christmas lunch! Green is and remains the main Christmas colour, this is no different to this year, so in combination with burgundy red this provides a very cosy and warm atmosphere. Combining scented burgundy candles such as apple cinnamon spice or other home made decoration as a center piece for your table will immediately become a focal point!


The cosiest outdoor lamp for ChristmasChristmas: most atmospheric time of the year

When we think about atmospheric lighting, we automatically associate it with the Storm lamp! We designed this lamp in collobration with Caravanity, as it is the perfect piece for your garden. The Storm lamp fits perfectly in your garden as an additional and portable light allowing you to either hang or carry through an evening stroll or if you continue the Christmas festives into your garden in the evening! The perfect lamp to create ambiance and warmth whilst still remain environmentally friendly, a 10 out of 10 lamp!

Christmas tree trends: not too traditional

Why not try something new this year when it comes to your Christmas tree! Go all out when it comes to decoration, swap the traditional one or two colour hanging baubles to a whole lot of different colours and palettes! This way your Christmas tree not only becomes the main focal point of your living room but also an immediate statement maker for the rest of your decor.

Another great tip: load up on the Christmas light! Christmas lights make your home even more cosier and more atmospheric, so strings lights in your front or back garden or around your window, Berry branches in a vase in the corner of your hallway and decorative multicoloured LED lights around the trees in your garden. The more lights the better to wow your guests!

So are you in the Christmas spirit yet? Grab your cup of hot chocolate, cosy up and start planning for the best time of the year!

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