Colour temperature: the effect of lighting in your home

The terms colour and temperature are known to us, but colour temperature? What is that exactly? We explain it below, especially colours!

K stands for light colour KelvinColour temperature - Kelvin

A colour temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), the colour varies from warm white to cool white. Warm candle light is equal 1800-2400K and cool white is equal to 6500K approximately. In other words, the lower Kelvin value is the warmer the colour and that means more warm and atmospheric lighting.


Here’s a tip: An RGB bulb can determine the right atmosphere within a given space, these types of light bulbs go from warm white to romantic red! Want a certain colour in your room? Choose from blue, green or yellow when it comes to RGB bulbs. Choose how you light up your living room or bedroom!

Infinite possibities with LED

Done with the cool bright white years of LED lighting? In the past LEDs only came in bright cool white colour, however with time this has changed and you can get LED lighting in many different colours and temperatures. You can now choose LED bulbs in 2700K to dimmable LED bulbs that are similar to standard bulbs equal to 2300K, LED now comes in a varity of forms, such as both warm white and cool white colours as well as different temperatures! LEDs have longer lifespan than traditional and halogen bulbs as well as they are environmentally friendly.

LEDs also do not get warm or emit only small amount of heat, allowing you keep them on as long as you want to creating a warm and atmospheric space.

How do you create the right atmospher?

In offices or industrial work environments, usually lighting is cool white, this is used to increase productivity of the employees and concentration as it is almost bright as daylight. The Kelvin used in these types of settings are between 6500K and 4000K. Lamps with a more neutral light colour fall between 3000K and 4000K and are ideal for areas such as your bathroom as it is bright and more vibrant for functional use.

Colour temperature - KelvinAre you in the ‘mood’ for a bit of atmosphere and warmth? Then you choose a more warm white light such as 2700K or less, this type of lighting is cosy, warm and atmospheric when lit creating ambiance.

The perfect light to create the perfect ´mood´ are the
Pip table and floor lamp, the ideal combination for your bedroom or living room! Great light source to go with it will be about 2700K.



Do you want a lamp that is multi-functional, as in you go from functional to warm atmosphere? The best lamps for that are those that are dimmable in Kelvin. You can easily switch from cool white for work purposes to warm white to create a cosy atmosphere in the evening. Wondering which lamp this fits well with? Well checkout the Moderno floor lamp!

Determine which works best for you, the right colour temperature to make your work space functional as well as your living room and bedroom more cosy!

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