Extend summer with the right garden lights

Summer is coming to an end as autumn begins! We will give you some tips to enjoy summer evenings throughout autumn before winter begins! Read here on how to choose the right garden lights.

Fill darker corners with ground spotlights

The best thing about sitting outside during the evening is when you have beautiful lighting in your garden, one of the best lights to have are ground spotlights to fill up every corner to get as much light as possible. Ground spotlights can be used almost everyout, on your patio, terrace or decking area its also beautiful when you have them around rose buds or trees and allow them to be in the ´spotlight´! You will see any dark areas or corners in the garden immediately illuminated and much more warmer when ground spotlights are used.

Garden Lantern: Lets go classicGarden lights

Candles are perfect when you want to create ambiance and warmth in your garden, but candles don´t give out enough light. Garden lanterns are more ideal to create an atmospheric and warm space, use a candle bulb with your lantern to create a candle light look for the ultimate effect. Nice, right? Check out our ´Amsterdam´ garden lantern, compliment it with a filament or candle bulb and see how it transforms your garden.


Solar garden lightsChecklist for solar garden lights: The Sun!

Solar lights: One of the most eco friendly and sustainable lighting solution for your garden. One of the biggest advantage when it comes solar lights is that you do not need any wiring, plugs and sockets, easy to install and ready to use! Solar lights work on the sun´s energy allowing the light to operate ´naturally´, so the light charges during daylight by the sun´s energy making it ready to be used in the evening. Great alternative to wiring lights, perfect for the environment and ready to be used instantly!

Endless possibilities with solar lights and great for the environment at the same time! Keep in mind to create a calm and atmospheric lighting in your garden, wondering how you can achieve this? Choose your favourite garden light, kick off your shoes and relax with a glass of wine!

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