Get the perfect work space with these tips

An organised desk makes your work life much easier! A nice and tidy space with the right lighting is important. Here are some tips on how to make work or studying more enjoyable!

Retro desk lamp: It’s back

A well furnished and cosy study is important if you work from home or simply study! Lighting plays a vital role, with good lighting you see better, produce better work and at the same time create a feel-good atmosphere! A retro desk lamp is back on trend and a must have, it will easily fit into your style and decor. How about Table Lamp Waltz Matte Gold? Also available in copper, steel, black and white, complete it with a beautiful bulb to give both an atmospheric and functional finish!

Table lamp Waltz

LED desk lamps: Great for concentration

Do you prefer an LED lamp or using LED bulbs with your lamps? Well, that’s good as LED aids concentration while studying or working. The table lamp Woodi is perfect to use with an LED bulb, great light output as well as energy saving! Go ahead and get your LED now.

Table lamp Woodi

Personalise your Work space

You need to enjoy your work space, so personalising it adds comfort and warmth, so decorate your wall with inspirational art and quotes. Create a framework of friends and family pictures, bring some greenery such as different plants and flowers around you, create a home away from home atmosphere!

More importantly get yourself the perfect lamp to brighten up your desk to make working/studying more enjoyable!

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