Halogen bulbs are out, LEDs are in

Halogen bulbs use up to ten times more energy than LED with the same light output. So its not a surprise that halogens are disappearing from the market as they are not eco friendly or energy efficient. We explain more below.

Why is halogen disappearing from the market?

The European Union´s demands on energy efficiency is getting stricter, this is now effecting lighting. On the 1st September 2018, EU Member States have decided to stop the production of halogen bulbs. Why? Well this is because halogen has an energy label D whilst LED has an energy label A….See the difference, this is why!

Halogen: more heat than light

When using halogen bulbs, they produce more heat than light, it converts about 10% of its energy into light and the rest in heat. With LED, the ratio is the complete opposite. Halogen lighting can still be bought and used, however there is a phase in which they are being wiped out. You can still obtain halogen bulbs and lights from lighting stores where stock is still available, however a new system will start where everything will be switched completely to LED.

Replacing halogen with LED

The future of LED is looking bright. As we mentioned earlier, LEDs are much more energy efficient, they last longer (average 35,000 burning hours) and in addition come in different colours and bulb types. Be sure to check out our RGB light range on our website!

However, not everything is rosey when it comes to LEDs, there is more room for improvement. LEDs cannot be dimmed as easily as a traditional halogen bulb, LED dimmer switch only start to work from a specific powers which makes its ability to dim more difficult to achiece with LEDs. Another set back could be that LEDs are more expensive, we agree! But we believe it is definitley worth it as the benefits and longevity of it makes it worth while to purchase!

Ultimately, the advantages of LEDs definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Intermediate level: 1-0 for LED! Do you still use halogen in your home? That´s not a problem, simply start replacing them with LEDs as soon as possible and choose from our wide range of LEDs available. In need for ambiance? 100% guaranteed when it comes to LEDs!

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