Halogen vs LED

halogen vs led

LED has become so popular to use and transform lighting as we know. LED is more energy efficient, lasts longer and are more Eco friendly, but some assume that LED emits unpleasant white light and is seen as more expensive. However, I am here to inform you the difference between halogen and LED lighting.

Halogen bulb is a step up from the old traditional incandescent bulbs, the difference is Halogen consists of gases such as bromine or iodine. This type of gas ignites the filament to become hotter than with an incandescent bulb, this transformers a larger part of the energy into the light thus having a longer life span than an incandescent bulb. The efficiency of a halogen bulb is approximately 15 – 20% higher than a normal light bulb.

LED stands for “light-emitting diodes”, LED works through an electronic semiconductor component which emits light when an electric current passes through the throughput. However, the benefits of an LED is huge. A single LED bulb can make as much as 15% of energy as traditional bulb but it is 8-10 times more energy efficient and economical than a halogen bulb.

Halogen light bulbs
set of 5 halogen light bulbs

In comparison, halogen is cheaper to purchase but LED is much more energy efficient and last longer, so the minimum life expectancy of an LED bulb is 15,000 hours compared to a halogen which is only 2000 hours.
So if you really think about it, it is all down to the actual sum of purchase + energy consumption/burning hours and you will see that LED actually saves you more money than halogen in the long run.

Of course, lighting is more than just about costs alone, a good lamp and light transforms a home and creates the ambiance needed to suit your decor and style.
LED has come a long way, it is very well developed and it is now available in different lumens, kelvins and designs, it is not like the chilly white light that it used to be but just like halogen it comes in warm white lighting.
Beautiful and decorative LED bulbs with visible filaments that creates the perfect warm atmosphere and statement in your home are all available.

In my opinion, LED is cheaper, energy efficient and lasts longer, it is also as decorative and attractive as halogen. So, next time your bulb goes, do not replace with a halogen but go for an LED instead!

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