Home decor trends 2019: Predicated trend? Colours!

2018 hasn´t even ended yet and we´re already planning for the complete makeover in 2019! An entire just flew by. so out with the old and in with the new when it comes to your home decor. Lets dive right in: the latest trends in 2019!

Living room inspiration: colour and natural materials

Home decor trends 2019

Colour will be essential in every room of your house in 2019! Trending colours include gold, purple and beige, however the colour of 2019 is predicated to be “Spiced Honey” which is a warm and amber in colour. This colour exudes positivity and tranquility, just what you need to kick start a brand new year in your home, so we recommend the Drum lights in our collection.

The Drum lights will fit perfectly within your home, as its amber coloured ceiling lights creates peace in your living room or bedroom. A colourful accent in your living room or bedroom is a must, bright colours and details such accessories will completely transform your chosen areas.

Are you familiar with the term ´Colour blocking´? Well in 2019 it no longer applies to clothes but more for your home! Need more ideas or advice for your home? In terms of natural materials, bamboo, wool and porcelain will work perfectly, don’t forget about plants too, not only are they great for your health but also will transform those corners in your home, choose different plants!

Basic is so 2018

In 2019, the crazier the better! We are no longer staying safe, we´re going to combine it: a blue printed carpet with ocher-yellow dining chairs. Staying in the lighting theme: choose an ochre table lamp or a green/plant inspired floor lamp, a beautiful statement maker is the table lamp Milou, the ochre colour will give that extra needed statement piece on your table. Perfect to add to next years trend is the Floor Lamp Tripod Classic with Leaf shade, this will be perfect for your living room!

Bedroom idea: Floor-to-ceiling curtains?

Yes! This is a must have for your bedroom next year, floor to ceiling curtains aren´t really “new” as they come from last century, however it doesn´t mean that they can´t be added to the latest trend for next year! Go for as much colour as possible and brighten up your home! We are all ready to style out our homes in the new year.

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