Invite autumn into your home with our range of living room lights

Autumn is here! Lights come on a bit earlier than usual and candles are being dusted off to be lit.So which lamps should you choose to emit a cosy and atmospheric lighting for your living room? Make your home cosy this autumn!

Autumn lightingFloor Lamps: Slightly different but never boring

Why not choose a lamp that truly stands out? A floor lamp brings pleasant lighting to your living room bringing an infinite choice to your overall decor. The question is do you opt out for something minimal or large and decorative? If you want to combine the two looks, here´s a tip: a simple floor lamp with a large and bright shade would work! Your living room will immediately be transformed and you will notice how a minimal and decorative floor lamp will emit great lighting!

Perfect example is the “Magna floor lamp” in our range, a true statement maker in your living room and fits in almost any decor and style!

Upgrade your dining area with a statement making pendant lamp

Autumn lighting

Transform the look of your dining area this autumn by introducing a striking pendant light above your dining table! A pendant lamp is the perfect light just above your dining table to get people talking while your sitting down for a meal, an eye catcher that is a focal point will completely transform the look of your dining room. A pendant lamp can be used in two ways: atmospheric lighting or functional lighting.

A functional light is perfect when you are eating, working on your dining table or prepping it for any practical use, so when you´re all done with the functional use of the light, dim it and automatically see how the mood of the light changes into a more atmospheric and warm area. Ideal if your dining area is either in your kitchen or living room as a total transformation takes place when the light is dimmed.

The perfect pendant lamp is the “Cage“, completely functional as well as atmospheric due to it being dimmable, its also a true statement maker that will add character and vibrancy just above your dining tabel.

Autumn lightingAutumnal atmosphere in your home

Its not just about lighting when it comes to creating a cosy and atmospheric home, decoration plays an important role. Now that autumn is here, the focus is put back more indoors rather than outdoors, so let the fun begin and start decorating your home! This season is all about the different types of candles, autumnal colours and woody elements that you will find in home decor. Lets not forget the need for the perfect throw such as a plain or printed plaid to keep you warm for those chilly night ins but also the perfect accessory for your sofa!

Now that your home decor has been upgraded, its time for that good mug of hot chocolate, so sit back and enjoy autumn.

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