Lighting up your study: here are some tips

It really isn´t an easy task, but once you find the right combination of both functional and atmospheric lighting for your study you are on the right path. Your study should feel like its part of your home. The overall appearance of your workspace should also contribute to your productivity, lighting is essential here. Read our tips!

Tip 1: get as much daylight as possible

Daylight is very important to your overall well-being, it enhances your concentration and gives you natural energy especially when you open windows for fresh air. Therefore, its benefits have a lasting result on your health and increase the overall feeling of happiness. No windows or not many in your study? Not to worry, you can create functional lighting through the use of LED.

Choose the highest colour temperature and brightness to increase the efficiency of your working environment. Wall lamps with LED lighting between 4000K-5000K is best advised.

Tip 2: desk lamps for atmospheric lighting

Every study needs a desk lamp! We have selected the perfect lamp for you, our Ashley table lamp is classic and charming, with its bronze and white shade finish to provide just the right atmospheric lighting. Tip: this lamp is dimmable, get the right dimmer switch and bulb for it allows you to control the light intensity throughout your working day for the perfect lighting atmosphere.

Study tips

Tip 3: Make it personal

Did you get all the lighting ideas? Great! Now its time to decorate your study! As you spend most hours of the day in your study to work, make the space your own. A personal touch and finish to your study will make it more cosy and comfortable, think of personal pictures, paintings and accessories, make your post-its and stationary colourful and bright. Endless possibilities to make your space your very own work haven!

The more you feel comfortable and at ´home´ behind your desk, the more productive and energised you will feel.

Study tips

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