Living by yourself: Tips for personalised decor

There always comes a time when you must leave your parents home. venture out and get your own place with or without friends. Apart from the moving process, address and bill changes and upside is you can look forward to building and personalizing your very own decor! Need help when it comes to home furnishings or how to even get started? Read on for some tips.

Living by yourselfChoose your style and decor

You probably have an idea of which style and decor you like and prefer to set the theme in your new home. If you don´t, that´s ok as you will know more of what you like and don’t like by getting inspiration and tips on our Trends & Inspiration page! Check this page out now if this is your first time moving into a new home to get inspired with new and fresh ideas!


The right light brightens up your home

Living by yourself Personalise your new place with things you brought from your old house but mix and match with newly purchased items to make your home completely yours! We wouldn’t be doing our job as a lighting company of we didn’t give your some tips and tricks, the final finishing touches to your new home are lights, let´s help you out with some of our top tips.

A striking floor lamp or a simple pendant lamp is ideal, just make sure it´ll fit in with you chosen style and decor. A perfect floor lamp that is simple yet statement making is the Big Cage. this will easily fit into your living room as well as in your bedroom. Perfect if your style and decor is modern and industrial inspired.

To stay within the same style and decor of modern and industrial, this Magna pendant lamp will transform your kitchen! The Magna will add a unique yet striking decorative finish to your kitchen, cooking never felt more fun!

It’s in the detail

When everything is finished in your home and you feel confident that all is done, pay attention to the smaller things that could make a difference to the overall decor. How about a large vintage wall art or a striking mirror in the hall way, how about some plants and flowers to create a more homely atmosphere and just to liven up the room!

Are you ready to take the big step? The tips we shared with you will help you get your style and decor going, transform your new place with new stuff!

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