Minimalistic designer brands for your home

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The designer brand style

It used to be that only the rich and famous were able to furniture and style their homes using designer brands. However, this has now changed due to the rise of affordable brands, so the average Brit can afford to style and design their home.

Minimalist and timeless

When it comes to a designer style decor its all about modern, clean and sleek appearance as the look and feel of luxury and technology are essential. These can be influenced by Scandinavian, Danish, Italian and of course British designer brands, all of these influential designers agree that minimalism and timeless decor provides room for innovation, art and an overall beautiful finish and details.

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Concentrate on primary colours

Basic colours such as black, grey, white and natural tones fit very well in this style and decor. If the basic colours prove to be a bit cold, add contrasting primary colours as accents in your home for a pop of colour. At the moment neon colours are back in style and is the latest trend to suit this style.
When it comes to furniture leather and wood provide warmth and cosiness, if you want to include pattern into your decor go for abstract and graphic art and accessories.

Natural and modern

When it comes to this decor, natural materials doesn’t end with wood and leather but also concrete and glass, combine it with modern material such as chrome and steel. Flooring should be concrete or large tiles coupled with brick-framed windows, white or metal shelves or light oak shelving units.

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Sleek and straight shapes

Rectangular, round and oval shapes fit stylishly into this decor as long as unnecessary decorations or details are added, you can see this in furniture such as sofas and armchairs, designer vases or in lighting.
Art is one of the big decorations in a modern designer style, a bright and colourful canvas or art frame on white wall provides that pop of colour and simplicity needed.
Accessories such as a timeless glassware, art and personal touches to this style gives it an original look as these go with your taste and decor, just make sure you choose few beautiful and timeless accessories that are of a budge brand. This style and decor never goes out of style, it is timeless and will always complement your home for years to come.

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