More atmosphere with the modern style and decor

Soft lines, sharp shapes, and minimalism: this is what modern style and decor is about. However, this year we are seeing a clear shift to warmth and coziness. The ´less is more´ principle gets a different twist! Ready for some cozy modern decor? Read on below!

Natural Accents

Basic colors such as white, grey and brown are still widely used in modern inspired decor when combined with natural materials such as wood, rattan, and bamboo. This guarantees a cozy touch and finish. These combinations also apply to the use of home accessories, furniture still remains to be sleek, but with added natural accents along with the use of velvet. You thought you couldn´t do so much more with a modern style and decor; well think again! It is important that you know how to find the right combination of minimalist and sleek finishes vs…coziness!

Black is the new modern

Black accents as part of your home decor or even completely transforming your kitchen in black? Yes, this is possible! It started as small accents in and around the house but has now grown on us, black has now become an essential as part of our home decor.

So a black kitchen or bathroom is no longer a strange sight in your home. However, not everything has to be dark and gloomy, you can add some fun accent colors to brighten up and complement your home. Start with sleek and natural twists to get you started!

modern style and decor

Lighting in the modern style and decor

Lighting is one of the most important finishes to your interior, so including minimalist forms in combination with wood, rattan and even gold is often popular. However, we attach more importance to the overall appearance of our homes by mainly showing it through lighting. Indirect lighting has become increasingly important in modern decor this year as it gives a warm and atmospheric effect to a white or beige wall.

Modern – compact – clean, what is your name for it? Feel at home in your own (modern) house!

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