Romantic style and decor in a new golden look

2019 has begun by giving romantic style and decor a new twist! This trendy home decor style is innovative, cosy and vibrant giving your interior some feminine characteristics and an overall tranquil finish. So if you are looking for something new and stable we suggest the New Romantics style and decor!

Real statement makers in a romantics inspired decor

A romantic inspired decor is when your interior completely embraces lamp shade colours such as aged pink or burgundy to create statement making atmosphere in your home. You can´t go wrong by adding an accented pink wall, floral print accessories such as pillows and throws!

For a bedroom complete the look by including bedding with prints and decorative accessories! See a complete 10 out of 10 warmth and striking finish to your decor.

New Romantics living style

Gold + Romance = the perfect match

Yep, gold is back and better than ever! Gold is a trend that never seems to go out of style, and this year you will see gold tones make a come back and become focal points in your living room! Gold colours tend to give out warmth and cosiness but it also has chic and luxury elements to it also, with golden accented accessories makes the perfect finish for a romantic inspired decor!

Our Vintage Pendant Lamp Cage 70’s is the perfect match for a romantic inspired living room! This pendant lamp will give a touch of chic with a striking finish.

New Romantics pendant lamp

Materials used in the New Romantic style and decor

As we already said, the New Romantics style and decor exudes luxury and elegance also. With influences ranging from the 1960s and 70s, materials such as marble, concrete and gold (of course) cannot be ignored in this style! A marble kitchen counter or golden legged dining chairs is a must have to add to your decor.

So are you ready to add some New Romantic trends into your home? We have already fallen in love with these New Romantic items!

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