Smart LED light in your home: create atmosphere!

Lighting up your indoors and outdoors requires two things: functionality and atmosphere. Combining these two things can be difficult and sometimes doesn’t work, however with Smart LED lighting these functions can easily be combined and you will be surprised at how easily they work together! Need to know more? We give you some ideas below!

Smart LED light

Sustainability and Smart LED lighting

Technology has evolved a lot over the years, so sustainability and smart LED lighting go hand in hand. Functional lighting is needed for everyday use however we also need an atmospheric and cosy lighting too in our homes. The use of LED lighting is increasing by choice when it comes to home lighting, as LED is known for being environmentally friendly due to its use of 85% less energy than any other standard lighting and emit little or no heat all when they are in use. Get smart and save with energy efficient LED lighting!

Dim to warm light technology

A must have for your home! Dim to warm LED lighting are equipped with the latest smart technology which allows you to control the colour temperature of the light. At full light the colour temperature is at 2700K(standard warm white), dim to start seeing the colour change to a more warmer and atmospheric light intensity at 2000K(mood lighting).

The more you dim the more ambiance created. Perfect to determine the best mood for your chosen space! This is where both functionality and atmosphere are perfectly combined when it comes to these types of light sources.

Smart LED light

Stay comfortable with Sensor bulbs

Comfort is key! Nothing is as easy as using an LED bulb with smart sensor technology with any outdoor unit! The latest smart sensor bulb technology to allow you to use with your chosen outdoor lamps without the need of getting external sensors! Perfect dusk to dawn or motion sensors that will automatically come on when it becomes dark or senses movement. Easy to use bulb with great light output and some bulb with decorative visible filaments!

Easy to combine both functionality and atmosphere when it comes to these types of light sources! Let our smart LED lights inspire you with these convenient light sources that are perfect for both indoors and outdoors!

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