Style out your home with Scandinavian decor

If you are looking for the latest trend that is here to stay for your home, then the Scandinavian style and decor might be just for you. Scandinavian decor all the way from Norway right to your living room!

Lamps that give out extra lightingScandinavian lighting

Lighting is one of the most important homely atmposphere creators, therefore its important to create a warm and welcoming enviroment for you to come to at the end of a long day. During the shorter days in winter, no one really likes to come home to a dark and cold place. At lampandlight we believe the right lighting will provide a more atmospheric, warm and welcoming place for your to relax and unwind. With a Scandinavian style and decor this will provide the overall cosiness you are in need of as this is what this style is all about.

In our range of Scandinavian inspired lamps, you will find the perfect lamps and lights to fit very well within this trendy decor, a shining example is the “Pendant Lamp Cava 5 Gold” perfect to hang almost anywhere in your home, from your kitchen to the living room as well as in your cloakroom. This pendant lamp will surely transform your chosen space by adding warmth and cosy finish.

Scandinavian livingSucculents and Cacti plants in, roses out

Cacti and succulent plants are so back in again! This trendy and stylish way of using plants in your home has developed its very own motto: the more the better. Group them or place them individually around your chosen room, five, six or even ten plants can be grouped together in a corner of your living room, yep this is possible! Having plants in your home provide a sense of transquility and peace, bringing nature indoors and everyone is loving it.

However, if your more of a flower type of person this can also be done, you can combine tulips and roses or any of your favourite flowers and have them around any room, although for a Scandinavian decor green plants are still preferred as number one!

Pink & Gold

In addition to neutral colours such as white and beig other accent colours will add more character and vibrancy to the overall decor. A pink cushion or a bright wall canvas can break up a bit of the neutral and one toned look, painting beige or white on your wall provides the illusion of space and a clean look. However accessoring your decor with bright shades or gold wall/shelf accessories will bring the overall room to life.

We fell in love with the Scandinavian style and decor, did you too? Be sure to check out our website to get more inspired and get on the trend for the Scandinavian look!

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