The Botanical decor in your home

Exotic, Eastern & Bohemian, those are the keywords for a Botanical inspired style and decor, also known as “Organic Nature” (it´s the chic name). It is a beautiful style that you can decorate in many different ways! But how? Read more about “Organic Nature” style and decor trend below.

Quality over quantity

As a society, we are becoming more aware when it comes to sustainability and attaching great importance to it. Authenticity and quality of products are emphasised more when it comes to Nature-inspired style and decor. Extensive use of materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan and wool in combination with a lot of green is a must.

You get the best finish if the materials are more rugged and still in its natural form as it gives character to your interior. Does this give a more soothing and tranquil finish? Yes!

An eye for Eastern details

Light tones such as white, beige or grey are seen as natural colours that fit into Organic Nature inspired decor. These natural colour tones are finished with Eastern details, think of leopard prints or golden accents. In need to add a pop of colour but still want to maintain nature inspired? Green or Ochre yellow is best suited for an accent wall that will provide a vibrant and natural finish.

It is important to ensure that greenery is not missing in your decor, plants in the living room, bedroom or even in the bathroom is ideal! Plants provide tranquility and that is what we need in a Botanical and Nature inspired decor.

Botanical style & decor

Lighting in a Botanical decor

Lighting is the ultimate ambiance maker in your home! When it comes to Botanical decor, choose rattan or bamboo pendant lamps for a more natural finish. We think our range of “Cane Ball” pendant lamps above your dining table or even in your bedroom, are the perfect natural boost for a Botanical inspired style and decor!

Are you ready to bring outdoors, indoors? We are! Enjoy nature at the comfort of your living room!

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