The industrial style

industrial style

The Industrial living style.

A style that we love! Industrial is a style with striking accents without the fuss. This applies to any type of industrial design that makes up an individual’s decor, such as decorative furniture pieces, large lamps, iron stair case, metal cabinets and bare brick walls. This style choice greatly highlights and infuses an industrial decor and design.

The basis for any industrial style starts with simplicity, think of cool colours such as black, white, grey, arm green and brown shades. Materials such as concrete, clay and stone fit perfectly in an industrial style decor and creates a more natural and large space.

It is very simple, anything that is “natural” and “rugged” can fit into an industrial style decor such as steel, leather, concrete, brick and wood can all fit into this style and decor. A steel dining table against a rough brick wall, a wooden kitchen worktop with concrete splash back or stone flooring with a large and coarse leather arm chair, bringing these colours and material together delivers an exciting and stylish decor.

When it comes to putting this style together, always aim for the “natural” and “rugged” look, it is daring and true to the form of an industrial look. You really can’t go wrong with this style as it is minimal and simplistic, always keep in mind less = more.

Textured brick wall, iron pipes or wooden beams is central to an open industrial space, no need to hide them as this infuses the striking accents need for an industrial decor. However, not every home has a textured brick wall, substitute this for wall papers that provide the ideal texture needed. This open, untouched and rugged style is what defines an industrial look.

Eye catching and statement pieces need to be large and minimal, such as a furniture that serves as a focal point for your space. Think of a large and beautiful leather sofa and large wooden or steel dining table, remember the furniture should not be newly painted or shiny, it needs to be weathered, rugged and textured as an overall statement makers.

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Don’t overdo it when it comes to putting colours and materials together, see what works and fits into the space and also the type of industrial style you are going for. Variety is key, so think more about the types of furniture, the texture and design of the space being used. Don’t be afraid to use cool colours with minimal and simplistic furniture, it won’t create a cold atmosphere if the lighting is perfect, there are so many different types of industrial lighting. Think of big and robust lamps such as factory lamps that can be suspended from the ceiling, these types of lamps are an instant statement makers due to their robust and rugged look but they also provide a welcoming and atmospheric light when they are lit. Sturdy and raw metal lamps with chain or rope suspension cables completes the overall look of the industrial style.

Compliment the lamps with beautiful and decorative LED filament bulbs, these bulbs are not only energy efficient but they have a longer life span also. These rustic and decorative filament bulbs are in this year, they provide beautiful and atmospheric lighting.

By using accessories you can personalise your home to balance colour or to get a more warmer atmosphere, if you find it too cold. You can do so by simple accessory changes which will lead to an overall appearance change, for example during the winter months you want more warmer atmosphere so choose warmer colours such as beige, red, brown, dark blue and other darker and warmer colours. In the summer, we often need a more fresh and cool atmosphere so go for pastel colours such as light green, light blue, light pink and other lighter colours. These simple accessory changes can be from a table or floor lamp shade to furniture accessories like a throw or cushion, whatever works with your industrial decor and style.

With all of these tips you can’t go wrong when it comes to an industrial style and decor! Just remember that less = more but be daring and bold.

Keep in mind that this is your own personal style, therefore your home decor should have your own personal flare on it. This is more important.

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