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What exactly is modern style and decor? Well modern design and style goes along with the latest “it” trend when it comes decor. Today, the modern decor and style is characterised by sleek and simple items with a no-frills design such as large furnitures, statement making centerpieces that forms clean and straight lines and luxurious materials to compliment the overall decor.

The basic formation of modern decor are sleekness, simplicity and sharpness. In a modern inspired decor the main colours used are white, black, earth tones and different types of grey shades. You need to ensure that your chosen colour will apply to your modern theme and suit your choice of furniture. If you would like to add some bold and bright colours, you can always choose to have an accent wall using a bright and bold colour or wallpaper but not more than that otherwise it will disturb the simplicity and peace that comes with a modern decor. However, a pop of colour doesn’t necessarily have to be on the wall, it could an accessory such as vases or wall canvas or a piece of furniture like an armchair as these will be true statement makers and will stand out to complement the rest of the modern decor.

The two most important features of a modern inspired decor is openness and space, such as an open plan room where the living room, kitchen and dining room are all in one space. With an open and large space like this it needs to be filled with large yet simple styled furniture, maybe simple yet convenient styled corner sofas or 3 seater sofas fit into those type of spaces without overcrowding the area. Furniture is also important, go for more sleek and compact tv stands or cabinets and simply designed shelve units or book cases. For bedroom and kitchen opt out for built-in units and not freestanding furniture. Ultimately what you see in a modern inspired decor are floating cabinets and storage that contribute to the spatial effect that is necessary in modern interiors.

The type of materials that can be used to furniture in a modern inspired decor as are metal, chrome, steel, aluminium, leather and wood. Wood and leather are used to provide the space a warm atmosphere and personality, play more with texture and shapes so that you avoid a dull and cold atmosphere. Round shapes are an effective way to play around with a modern and simple concept, for example imagine a striking and bold red fabric sofa and a round glass coffee table in your living room; this is really about variety in your room.

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Plan how you want your modern decor to look like before you go shopping for furniture and accessories, it’s important to know that less is more. Simplicity and uncluttered decor exudes an attractive and sharp look, provide few accessories that do stand out and make a statement but make sure that they are not loud and cluttered. However, if you do prefer to go with multiple accessories, you can place them all together in one area of the room as this way you are still preserving the pace and simplicity of the overall look. Nevertheless, if you have opted out for accented accessories and furniture this can be easily re-adjusted and changed according to your decor.

Lighting is also one of the most important features that needs to match with your modern decor and design along with the overall atmosphere of your room. The characteristics of modern lighting is that it has sleek design, in shape forms and a rich look, go for spotlights, modern and trendy pendant lights along with track lighting for a convenient use of space. Stick with LED lighting as much as you can to provide a long lasting and rich warm white lighting. Floor lamps are great way of enhancing a look to your dining or living room, arc lamps or adjustable floor lamps that can be dimmed will be statement makers but also create the perfect atmosphere in the given area.

The central idea and concept to any modern inspired decor is that it needs to be open, spacious with a minimalistic furnishings. I also know that it is not easy to always follow the latest design trend or the most fashionable and “it” furniture and accessories. However, don’t forget that modern inspired decor is not always about the latest trend but it can also be about timeless and classic designs with a contemporary feel; an example can be the Chesterfield sofas, either in leather or fabric the Chesterfield is a classic yet with a modern look that can suit your home. Purchase few and basic decorative accessories, think about abstract canvases or posters for your wall, decorative vases or fruit bowls for your dining table, things that can be complemented by accents and colour that are more in line with the changing trends.

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