What is Lumen?

What is Lumen?

When lamps are bought, we would choose traditional incandescent bulbs based on Watts. Now that we are moving towards halogens and LEDs, we need to leave the use of Watts behind and start familiarising ourselves with the term “lumen” ‘Watt’ is the term used to define the power or energy that is used or measured in a bulb whereas “Lumen” is the unit for the amount of light produced by a bulb. Therefore, you can only compare ‘lumen” with different bulbs such as halogen, energy saving and LED bulb and not against incandescent bulbs.

The table below will assists you to know how much lumen a bulb will have against wattage. This helpful for those who are considering changing their old bulbs.

Globe Bulb Light output
15 watts 100 to 150 lm
25 watts 200 to 300 lm
40 watts 400 to 500 lm
60 watts 700 to 800 lm
75 watts 900 to 1000 lm
100 watts more than 1300 lm

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