View all terms and conditions regarding promotions and discount codes here

Are promotions valid on all items?

Promotions are valid on the recommended retail price and are not valid on light sources, lampshades and accessories by default. Should other product categories or brands be excluded from the promotion, this will be clearly stated with the promotion.


What happens if prices change between promotional periods?

Any differences in prices between promotional periods will not be settled afterwards.

Each week, our prices can change due to stock availability and the previous week's sales. The prices can therefore be raised or lowered, but also remain the same as before. The day that the price will be set again is indicated by the number of days specified with the price.


Can I use several discount codes at the same time?

A maximum of one discount code can be redeemed per order. Discount codes cannot be combined with other discount codes.


Can a discount code be deducted afterwards?

Discount codes are not retrospectively deductible from the invoice.


Can a discount code expire?

Discount codes always have a certain period of validity. This period is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the discount code.


Is there a minimum order value for using a discount code?

Depending on the discount codes, a minimum order value may apply. When this is the case, it will be mentioned in the terms and conditions of the discount code.


Can a discount code be used with a business account?

Discount codes cannot be used in combination with a business account (unless stated otherwise in the conditions of the discount code).


How do I use a discount code?

You can enter the discount code simply by going to the shopping basket. Under the products in your basket, click on the plus sign next to the text 'Discount code? Enter it here' and enter the relevant discount code. Then click on apply discount. Did you forget it in this step? No problem. This button is also still present during checkout. The same field is under payment methods.


Why can't I see the discount code in my shopping cart?

You will not see the discount code separately in your shopping basket. This does not mean that the discount has not been taken into account. You will see how much discount has been applied in total. Do you want to be sure that your discount code has been applied? As long as it says 'cancel coupon', your discount has been activated.