Ceiling lights

More than 350 ceiling lights to choose from!
Ceiling lights are ideal for every room in your home. Depending on the room and the atmosphere you want to create, you will find that our range of ceiling lamps come in every style, size and colour to suit your taste and needs!

Ceiling lights
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  1. Ceiling-fan-white-with-remote-control---Fanattic
    Ceiling fan white with remote control - Fanattic
    €199.00 €169.00
  2. Industrial-ceiling-spot-steel-with-wood-36-cm-2-light---Torce
    Industrial ceiling spot steel with wood 36 cm 2-light - Torce
    €72.95 €65.95
  3. Landelijke-plafondlamp-hout-incl.-LED-3-staps-dimbaar---Linc
    Landelijke plafondlamp hout incl. LED 3-staps dimbaar - Linc
    €249.00 €229.00
  4. Ceiling-fan-gray-with-remote-control---Fanattic
    Ceiling fan gray with remote control - Fanattic
    €199.00 €159.00
  5. Industrial-adjustable-spot-black-3-light---Arthur
    Industrial adjustable spot black 3-light - Arthur
    €129.00 €69.95
  6. Ceiling-fan-black-with-remote-control---Fanattic
    Ceiling fan black with remote control - Fanattic
    €199.00 €179.00
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  7. Industriele-plafondlamp-antiek-staal-met-hout-4-lichts---Paleta
    Industriele plafondlamp antiek staal met hout 4-lichts - Paleta
    €209.00 €189.00
  8. Wood-industrial-ceiling-lamp---Reena
    Wood industrial ceiling lamp - Reena
  9. Industriële-spot-zwart-met-hout-verstelbaar-4-lichts---Arthur
    Industriële spot zwart met hout verstelbaar 4-lichts - Arthur
    €159.00 €149.00
  10. Industriële-verstelbare-spot-zwart---Arthur
    Industriële verstelbare spot zwart - Arthur
    €59.95 €54.95
  11. Landelijke-plafondlamp-bruin-incl.-LED---Tamlin
    Landelijke plafondlamp bruin incl. LED - Tamlin
    €199.00 €169.00
  12. Industrial-ceiling-spot-steel-with-wood-83-cm-4-light--Torce
    Industrial ceiling spot steel with wood 83 cm 4-light -Torce
    €149.00 €139.00
  13. summer-savings

  14. Industrial-ceiling-lamp-black-with-wood---Arthur
    Industrial ceiling lamp black with wood - Arthur
  15. Industrial-ceiling-spot-steel-with-wood-62-cm-3-light---Torce
    Industrial ceiling spot steel with wood 62 cm 3-light - Torce
    €119.00 €109.00
  16. Industriële-spot-zwart-met-hout-verstelbaar-2-lichts---Arthur
    Industriële spot zwart met hout verstelbaar 2-lichts - Arthur
    €99.95 €89.95
  17. Cool-spot-black-with-wood-2-lights---Fors
    Cool spot black with wood 2 lights - Fors
    €89.95 €80.95
  18. Industriële-spot-staal-3-lichts---Arti
    Industriële spot staal 3-lichts - Arti
    €84.95 €69.95
  19. Industrial-spot-steel-with-wood-tiltable-3-light---Emado
    Industrial spot steel with wood tiltable 3-light - Emado
    €109.00 €84.95
  20. Industrial-spot-steel-2-light-adjustable---Arti
    Industrial spot steel 2-light adjustable - Arti
    €56.95 €46.95
  21. Industrial-ceiling-and-wall-spotlight-steel-with-wood---Torce
    Industrial ceiling and wall spotlight steel with wood - Torce
    €37.95 €26.95
  22. Industrial-wall-lamp-steel---Arti
    Industrial wall lamp steel - Arti
    €25.95 €23.95
  23. Industrial-spot-rust-brown-with-wood-tiltable-4-light---Gina
    Industrial spot rust brown with wood tiltable 4-light - Gina
  24. Industrial-spot-rust-brown-with-wood-tiltable-3-light---Gina
    Industrial spot rust brown with wood tiltable 3-light - Gina
  25. Industrial-spot-rust-brown-with-wood-tiltable-2-light---Gina
    Industrial spot rust brown with wood tiltable 2-light - Gina
  26. Industrial-spot-steel-with-wood-tiltable-4-light---Emado
    Industrial spot steel with wood tiltable 4-light - Emado
    €129.00 €68.95
  27. Industrial-spot-steel-with-wood-tiltable-2-light---Emado
    Industrial spot steel with wood tiltable 2-light - Emado
    €76.95 €56.95
  28. Industrial-spot-rust-brown-with-wood-tiltable---Gina
    Industrial spot rust brown with wood tiltable - Gina
  29. Industrial-spot-steel-with-wood-tiltable---Emado
    Industrial spot steel with wood tiltable - Emado
    €49.95 €37.95
  30. Industrial-spot-black-1-light---Fors
    Industrial spot black 1-light - Fors
    €59.95 €53.95
29 Items
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Ceiling lights

In need of a brand new ceiling light to revamp one of the rooms in your home? Here at lampandlight.eu, you will find a large range of ceiling lamps in different shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Whether retro is your personal style or modern, rustic or perhaps industrial, you will find various ceiling light designs to suit your personal flair. Ceiling lights are ideal to light kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and bathrooms and are a good solution to provide strong general light or be a stunning compliment to the room you have chosen. Come a view our large ceiling lamp collection now!

Warm and atmospheric ceiling lamps for any room of the home.

A ceiling lamp can be the perfect way to completely change the atmosphere in your selected room. No matter if your style preference is vintage or modern, rustic or retro, classic or industrial, we will have something in your collection to inspire you. Ceiling lights can also be matched with table lamps, wall lights or floor lamps if they are part of a series and we also have ceiling lights in every colour to match whatever the decor. Keep your energy bills low by choosing a stylish built-in LED ceiling lamp and never have to worry about reaching up to change the bulb again. Connecting your dimmable ceiling light to a wall dimmer switch is a fantastic and easy way to create atmospheric lighting. All of these ideas and more are available here with us at lampandlight.eu!

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing ceiling lights?

At lampandlight.eu you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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