Lamp shades

More than 140 individual lamp shades in a variety of colours and sizes!
Are you looking for a lamp shade that will be a true statement maker in your home? Our range of shades come in a varity of shapes, sizes and colours! There is a shade for everyone when it comes to our collection! Choose yours now!

Lamp shades
199 Items
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  1. Velours-lampenkap-goud-25/25/25
    Velours lampenkap goud 25/25/25
    €49.95 €44.95
  2. Velvet-Shade-Blush-Pink-with-inner-Gold 35/35/20
    Velvet Shade Blush Pink with inner Gold 35/35/20
    €54.95 €49.95
  3. Fabric-Shade-Dark-Grey-35/35/20
    Fabric Shade Dark Grey 35/35/20
    €44.95 €39.95
  4. Velvet-Shade-Red-with-inner-Gold 50/50/25-
    Velvet Shade Red with inner Gold 50/50/25
    €87.95 €79.95
  5. Silk-Shade-45cm-Green---Granny
    Silk Shade 45cm Green - Granny
    €89.95 €79.95
  6. Weathered-Bronze-Shade-with-Inner-Gold-40/40/40-
    Weathered Bronze Shade with Inner Gold 40/40/40
    €119.00 €109.00
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  7. Lampshade-silver-40/40/40
    Lampshade silver 40/40/40
    €119.00 €109.00
  8. Velours-lampenkap-pauw-rood-40/40/40-gouden-binnenkant
    Velours lampenkap pauw rood 40/40/40 gouden binnenkant
    €99.95 €89.95
  9. Velor-flat-lampshade-yellow-with-gold-45-cm
    Velor flat lampshade yellow with gold 45 cm
    €47.95 €42.95
  10. Velvet-Shade-Green-with-inner-Gold 35/35/20-
    Velvet Shade Green with inner Gold 35/35/20
    €54.95 €49.95
  11. Linen-Shade-50/40/26-White
    Linen Shade 50/40/26 White
    €99.95 €89.95
  12. Velvet-Shade-Blue-with-inner-Gold 35/35/20
    Velvet Shade Blue with inner Gold 35/35/20
    €54.95 €49.95
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  14. Geometric-Embossed-Shade-Gold-50/50/25
    Geometric Embossed Shade Gold 50/50/25
    €109.00 €99.95
  15. Fabric-Shade-Dark-Blue-35/35/20
    Fabric Shade Dark Blue 35/35/20
    €44.95 €39.95
  16. Velvet-Shade-Peacock-Print-with-inner-Gold-20/20/20
    Velvet Shade Peacock Print with inner Gold 20/20/20
    €44.95 €39.95
  17. Velvet-Shade-Blush-Pink-with-inner-Gold 50/50/25-
    Velvet Shade Blush Pink with inner Gold 50/50/25
    €87.95 €79.95
  18. Cotton-lampshade-black-20/15/13-with-golden-interior
    Cotton lampshade black 20/15/13 with golden interior
    €24.95 €21.95
  19. Velvet-Shade-Peacock-Print-with-inner-Gold-25/25/25
    Velvet Shade Peacock Print with inner Gold 25/25/25
    €54.95 €49.95
  20. Shade-Round-33cm-Steel---Globe
    Shade Round 33cm Steel - Globe
    €74.95 €67.95
  21. Velor-lampshade-floral-design-20/20/20
    Velor lampshade floral design 20/20/20
    €44.95 €39.95
  22. Linen-Shade-55/45/28-Grey-Brown
    Linen Shade 55/45/28 Grey-Brown
    €109.00 €99.95
  23. Velvet-Shade-Blush-Pink-with-inner-Gold 20/20/20
    Velvet Shade Blush Pink with inner Gold 20/20/20
    €39.95 €35.95
  24. Cylinder-Shade-35/35/20-Copper
    Cylinder Shade 35/35/20 Copper
    €44.95 €39.95
  25. Linen-Shade-35/30/18-Off-White
    Linen Shade 35/30/18 Off-White
    €49.95 €44.95
  26. Velours-lampenkap-bloemen-dessin-50/50/25
    Velours lampenkap bloemen dessin 50/50/25
    €109.00 €97.95
  27. Velor-lampshade-peacock-green-50/50/25-gold-inside
    Velor lampshade peacock green 50/50/25 gold inside
    €99.95 €89.95
  28. Linen-clamping-cap-white-12-cm-around
    Linen clamping cap white 12 cm around
    €10.95 €9.95
  29. Velvet-Shade-Floral-Print-with-inner-Gold-40/40/40
    Velvet Shade Floral Print with inner Gold 40/40/40
    €87.95 €79.95
  30. Velvet-Shade-Green-with-inner-Gold 50/50/25-
    Velvet Shade Green with inner Gold 50/50/25
    €87.95 €79.95
  31. Weathered-Bronze-Shade-with-Inner-Gold-35/35/20-
    Weathered Bronze Shade with Inner Gold 35/35/20
    €77.95 €69.95
  32. Duo-lampenkap-zwart-en-goud-47/47/26
    Duo lampenkap zwart en goud 47/47/26
    €74.95 €62.95
  33. Linen-Black-35cm-Shade  
    Linen Black 35cm Shade  
    €32.95 €29.95
  34. Velvet-Shade-Floral-Print-with-inner-Gold-35/35/20-
    Velvet Shade Floral Print with inner Gold 35/35/20
    €64.95 €58.95
  35. Velvet-Shade-Butterfly-Print-with-inner-Gold-35/35/20-
    Velvet Shade Butterfly Print with inner Gold 35/35/20
    €64.95 €58.95
  36. Velours-lampenkap-goud-35/35/20
    Velours lampenkap goud 35/35/20
    €54.95 €49.95
  37. Fabric-Shade-Taupe-35/35/20
    Fabric Shade Taupe 35/35/20
    €44.95 €39.95
199 Items
Set Descending Direction

Lamp shades

A wide range of beautiful and stylish lamp shades in a variety of colours and sizes. You are able to purchase a lamp shade that is sure to suit your chosen light, pair it with your table lamp, floor lamp or pendant light! From copper to steel hanging globe shades to fabric shades that you can customise with a new lamp or an existing one. With our low prices, you are able to purchase multiple light shades to go with your chosen light so you can have a "new" light every time you change your decor. Modern and retro lamp shade suitable for wall lights or classic small lampshades to sit nicely on chandeliers, choose the fitting that suits your lamp from E27 or E14, if your existing lamp has a smaller bulb holder function add the adjustment ring E27 to E14 to your order. You will find bright and beautiful lampshades that is sure to compliment your style and decor for your bedroom table lamp or living room or a modern and industrial hanging globe shade for your Arc floor lamp! The choices are endless when it comes to our lampshades.

Compliment your lamp with a matching shade! has a variety of lampshades available for almost all types of lamps, whether it is for your ceiling lamp, floor lamp or clamp lamps for chandeliers, they are all found here! Our lamps shades come in all shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics allowing you to choose a shade that will suit your lamp and decor. If you already have a lamp that requires a shade, you can customise your lamp by complimenting with a shade that will suit your lamp and decor.

Easy to assemble lampshades.

Our range of lamp shades are easy to use and install on your pendant lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp. As lamp shades come with spider frames, this allows easy installation to either hang or clip on to your lamps. If you are experiencing difficulties using your lamp shade, please contact customer services as they will assist you further. Your lamp is sure to stand out with our unique collection of lampshades available for all types of fittings!

Need help or advise?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we are here to help!


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