Pendant lighting

Wide range of different coloured pendant lamps in stock!
A pendant lamp is ideal to light up your living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom in an atmospheric and decorative way.We offer a wide range of pendant lamps in various shapes and sizes, from classic and modern pendant lamps!

Pendant lighting
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  1. Rural-hanging-lamp-rusty-brown-40cm---Crete
    Rural hanging lamp rusty brown 40cm - Crete
  2. Chandelier-Rust-Brown---Giuseppe-8
    Chandelier Rust-Brown - Giuseppe 8
  3. Rural-hanging-lamp-rust-brown---Ricciolo
    Rural hanging lamp rust brown - Ricciolo
    €229.00 €160.00
  4. Industrial-hanging-lamp-rust-brown-4-light---Barrelo
    Industrial hanging lamp rust brown 4-light - Barrelo
    €219.00 €186.00
  5. Industrial-Pendant-Lamp-2-Rust---Hoodi
    Industrial Pendant Lamp 2 Rust - Hoodi
    €219.00 €59.94
  6. Chandelier-Rust-Brown---Giuseppe-5
    Chandelier Rust-Brown - Giuseppe 5
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  7. Industrial-hanging-lamp-rust-with-adjustable-scissor-arm---Mancis
    Industrial hanging lamp rust with adjustable scissor arm - Mancis
  8. Industrial-hanging-lamp-rust-2-light-adjustable---Mancis
    Industrial hanging lamp rust 2-light adjustable - Mancis
    €199.00 €172.00
  9. Rustic-hanging-lamp-with-brown-glass---Dallas-1
    Rustic hanging lamp with brown glass - Dallas 1
    €49.95 €20.95
  10. Rural-hanging-lamp-5-light-rust-brown---Crete
    Rural hanging lamp 5 light rust brown - Crete
    €149.00 €133.00
  11. Industrial-hanging-lamp-rust-brown-50-cm---Magna-Classic
    Industrial hanging lamp rust brown 50 cm - Magna Classic
    €149.00 €99.95
  12. Rural-hanging-lamp-rust-brown-30cm---Crete
    Rural hanging lamp rust brown 30cm - Crete
  13. clearancesale

  14. Country-Long-Pendant-Lamp-5-Rust---Stamina
    Country Long Pendant Lamp 5 Rust - Stamina
    €149.00 €116.00
  15. Rural-hanging-lamp-rust-brown-with-glass---Elegant-1
    Rural hanging lamp rust brown with glass - Elegant 1
  16. Industrial-hanging-lamp-60-cm-steel---Fence
    Industrial hanging lamp 60 cm steel - Fence
    €219.00 €108.00
  17. Industrial-hanging-lamp-rust---Bax
    Industrial hanging lamp rust - Bax
    €149.00 €96.95
  18. Industrial-hanging-lamp-rust-brown-35-cm---Magna-Classic
    Industrial hanging lamp rust brown 35 cm - Magna Classic
    €99.95 €56.95
  19. Rustic-hanging-lamp-with-brown-glass---Dallas-2
    Rustic hanging lamp with brown glass - Dallas 2
    €99.95 €87.95
  20. Vintage-Pendant-Lamp-36cm-Brown---Lily-
    Vintage Pendant Lamp 36cm Brown - Lily
    €139.00 €47.94
  21. Vintage-hanging-lamp-rust-with-glass---Pescador
    Vintage hanging lamp rust with glass - Pescador
  22. Industrial-hanging-lamp-steel-3-lights---Fence
    Industrial hanging lamp steel 3 lights - Fence
    €249.00 €59.94
  23. Pendant-Lamp-Agilan-Rust
    Pendant Lamp Agilan Rust
    €145.00 €47.94
  24. Industrial-Pendant-Lamp-31.5cm-Rust-Brown-with-Wire-Frame---Fausa
    Industrial Pendant Lamp 31.5cm Rust Brown with Wire Frame - Fausa
    €99.95 €45.95
  25. Pendant-Lamp-Bola-1-Rust
    Pendant Lamp Bola 1 Rust
    €159.00 €38.12
  26. Pendant-Lamp-Trina-Rust-Brown
    Pendant Lamp Trina Rust Brown
    €149.00 €35.94
26 Items
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Pendant lights

We have a large collection of pendant lamps ranging from chandeliers to retro, decorative, industrial or rustic/country that is suitable for every style and decor. You can filter lamps based on colour from copper, steel to chrome, or choose lights that come with shades, Why not choose according to your desired room such as your Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Hallway, Bedroom or even your Office for a quicker and more efficient search that is customised to your needs. How about going for LED lighting or choosing LED Bulbs for your pendant lights for a more energy efficient and longer lasting light output.

In need for a hanging lamp for some outdoor lighting?

Check out our beautiful outdoor pendant lamp collection which includes lantern style pendant lamps. More than 500 lights to choose from and we are sure that you will find the one you are looking for at!

Need help or advise when it comes to Pendant Lights?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right hanging lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we will help you get the right light for you.

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