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White spotlights

White spotlights in every size, shape and style all found at!
White spotlights
128 Items
Set Descending Direction
  1. Modern-recessed-or-surface-mounted-spot-white-11.7-cm-incl.-LED---Trans
    Modern recessed or surface mounted spot white 11.7 cm incl. LED - Trans
    €21.95 €10.95
  2. Recessed-Spotlight-White-Trimless---Oneon -2
    Recessed Spotlight White Trimless - Oneon  2
    €64.95 €25.95
  3. Modern-bathroom-spot-white-round-IP44---Capa
    Modern bathroom spot white round IP44 - Capa
    €32.95 €24.95
  4. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-white-incl.-LED-IP44---Relax-LED
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights white incl. LED IP44 - Relax LED
    €39.95 €32.95
  5. Round-Recessed-Spotlight-White---Edu 
    Round Recessed Spotlight White - Edu 
    €10.95 €6.95
  6. Moderne-inbouwspot-wit-incl.-LED-3-staps-dimbaar-IP65---Simply
    Moderne inbouwspot wit incl. LED 3-staps dimbaar IP65 - Simply
    €12.95 €6.95
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  7. Set-of-3-recessed-spotlights-white-incl.-LED-3000K-4W-IP65---Blanca
    Set of 3 recessed spotlights white incl. LED 3000K 4W IP65 - Blanca
    €25.95 €13.95
  8. Ceiling-spotlight-steel-with-white-shade-4-light-adjustable---Hetta
    Ceiling spotlight steel with white shade 4-light adjustable - Hetta
    €69.95 €44.95
  9. Rail-Track-Spotlight-Gissi-3-White
    Rail Track Spotlight Gissi 3 White
    €79.95 €55.95
  10. Moderne-inbouwspot-wit-incl.-LED-3-staps-dimbaar-IP65---Blanca
    Moderne inbouwspot wit incl. LED 3-staps dimbaar IP65 - Blanca
    €11.95 €5.95
  11. Modern-spot-white---Falo
    Modern spot white - Falo
    €29.95 €26.95
  12. Set-van-3-inbouwspots-wit-incl.-LED-3000K-5W-IP65---Blanca
    Set van 3 inbouwspots wit incl. LED 3000K 5W IP65 - Blanca
    €31.95 €18.95
  13. sale

  14. LED-panel-for-recessed-or-surface-mounting-white-incl.-LED-18W---Trans
    LED panel for recessed or surface mounting white incl. LED 18W - Trans
    €29.95 €15.95
  15. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-white-steel---Carree
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights white steel - Carree
    €83.95 €72.95
  16. Modern-Adjustable-Ceiling-Spotlight-4-White---Nox
    Modern Adjustable Ceiling Spotlight 4 White - Nox
  17. Modern-ceiling-spotlight-steel-with-white-shade-6-light---Hetta
    Modern ceiling spotlight steel with white shade 6-light - Hetta
    €99.95 €60.95
  18. Set-of-5-recessed-spotlights-white-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Set of 5 recessed spotlights white 3 step dimmable - Ulo
    €48.95 €38.95
  19. Recessed-Spotlight-White-G53-AR111-Trimless---Oneon-111-3
    Recessed Spotlight White G53 AR111 Trimless - Oneon 111-3
    €119.00 €25.95
  20. Set-of-10-recessed-spotlights-white-steel---Carree
    Set of 10 recessed spotlights white steel - Carree
    €169.00 €136.00
  21. Industrial-spot-white-with-mango-wood-3-light---Mangoes
    Industrial spot white with mango wood 3-light - Mangoes
    €159.00 €139.00
  22. Wall-and-ceiling-spotlight-steel-with-white-shade-adjustable---Hetta
    Wall and ceiling spotlight steel with white shade adjustable - Hetta
    €19.95 €14.95
  23. Modern-spot-white---Tuba-1
    Modern spot white - Tuba 1
    €26.95 €14.95
  24. Vierkante-inbouwspot-wit-verstelbaar---Artemis-111
    Vierkante inbouwspot wit verstelbaar - Artemis 111
    €32.95 €24.95
  25. Modern-Ceiling-Lamp-3-White---Lofty
    Modern Ceiling Lamp 3 White - Lofty
  26. Landelijke-4-lichts-plafondspot-hout-met-wit---Thorin-Q
    Landelijke 4-lichts plafondspot hout met wit - Thorin Q
    €97.95 €87.95
  27. Modern-Track-Light-1-Phase-with-3-Spotlights-White---Jeany
    Modern Track Light 1-Phase with 3 Spotlights White - Jeany
  28. Landelijke-plafondspot-hout-met-wit-3-lichts---Thorin-Q
    Landelijke plafondspot hout met wit 3-lichts - Thorin Q
    €69.95 €64.95
  29. Modern-spot-white-2-light---Master-111
    Modern spot white 2-light - Master 111
    €87.95 €63.95
  30. Ronde-inbouwspot-wit-verstelbaar---Chuck-111
    Ronde inbouwspot wit verstelbaar - Chuck 111
    €32.95 €24.95
  31. Industrial-spot-white-with-mango-wood-18-cm---Mangoes
    Industrial spot white with mango wood 18 cm - Mangoes
    €54.95 €40.95
  32. Design-spot-wit-2-lichts---Gesinaq
    Design spot wit 2-lichts - Gesinaq
    €59.95 €54.95
  33. Modern-ceiling-spotlight-steel-with-white-shade-5-light---Hetta
    Modern ceiling spotlight steel with white shade 5-light - Hetta
    €89.95 €53.95
  34. Modern-Adjustable-Spotlight-2-White-incl.-LED-G9---Go
    Modern Adjustable Spotlight 2 White incl. LED G9 - Go
    €99.95 €75.95
  35. Modern-bathroom-spot-white-square-IP44---Capa
    Modern bathroom spot white square IP44 - Capa
    €37.95 €28.95
  36. Modern-ceiling-spotlight-steel-with-white-shade-4-light---Hetta
    Modern ceiling spotlight steel with white shade 4-light - Hetta
    €79.95 €46.95
  37. Landelijke-2-lichts-plafondspot-hout-met-wit---Thorin-Q
    Landelijke 2-lichts plafondspot hout met wit - Thorin Q
    €49.95 €44.95
128 Items
Set Descending Direction

White spotlights can usually camfoulage with ceilings and some of our beautifull and sleek white spotlights provide a warm and clean look. They are perfect if you have a neutral or modern looking decor, they are great in showrooms, offices or as part of your home decor and style! We have a large range of white spotlights that are designed for functional and stylish purposes, allowing you to combine two needs in one. From fully recessed white spotlights to white ceiling spotlight and single white spotlights to LED white spotlights, endless choices that will guarantee that you find the ideal white spotlights that come in every shape and size. 

Inexpensive and decorative white spotlights for your indoor and outdoor needs

White spotlights are ideal if you want to go for that clean and fresh look in a specific room. White recessed spotlights for your bathroom that has an IP classification of IP44 to IP65 that would alos complement your outdoor decor if you require weather resistant and water proof lighting is part of our large range. Perfect single white spotlight to be used as directional lighting to highlight a painting on your wall or you simply require it to distribute light in addition to an existing pendant or wall light you have. White ceiling spotlights that are perfect for your hallway or communcal area if you are in a place of business to use it as a main light, how about our cube or box shaped white spotlights as the perfect addition to your modern theme, group them together or mix and match with other colours to give your home the ideal finish. Dimmable white spotlights that will allow you to control light intensity and provide you with a cosy and warm atmospheric lighting. With our large range of white spotlights that come in all shapes, sizes and styles you are sure to find the ideal sets or single spotlights that will be compatiable to LED light sources for longer lasting lighting. Check out our wide range now! 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing white spotlights?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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