Spotlights to suit many rooms in your home!
Spotlights are perfect as additional lighting for reading or highlighting an area as they are adjustable. Our range of spotlights are suitable for both LED and halogen lights, you find large or small spotlights to create atmosphere and a statement!

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  1. Industrial-adjustable-spot-black-3-light---Arthur
    Industrial adjustable spot black 3-light - Arthur
    €129.00 €95.95
  2. Industrial-ceiling-spot-steel-with-wood-62-cm-3-light---Torce
    Industrial ceiling spot steel with wood 62 cm 3-light - Torce
    €119.00 €109.00
  3. Industriële-verstelbare-spot-zwart-4-lichts---Arthur
    Industriële verstelbare spot zwart 4-lichts - Arthur
    €159.00 €149.00
  4. Industrial-ceiling-spot-steel-with-wood-83-cm-4-light--Torce
    Industrial ceiling spot steel with wood 83 cm 4-light -Torce
    €149.00 €139.00
  5. Industriële-verstelbare-spot-zwart-2-lichts---Arthur
    Industriële verstelbare spot zwart 2-lichts - Arthur
    €99.95 €89.95
  6. Cool-spot-black-with-wood-2-lights---Fors
    Cool spot black with wood 2 lights - Fors
    €89.95 €80.95
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  7. Industriële-spot-staal-3-lichts---Arti
    Industriële spot staal 3-lichts - Arti
    €84.95 €76.95
  8. Industrial-ceiling-spot-steel-with-wood-36-cm-2-light---Torce
    Industrial ceiling spot steel with wood 36 cm 2-light - Torce
    €72.95 €65.95
  9. Industriële-verstelbare-spot-zwart---Arthur
    Industriële verstelbare spot zwart - Arthur
    €59.95 €54.95
  10. Industrial-spot-black-1-light---Fors
    Industrial spot black 1-light - Fors
    €59.95 €53.95
  11. Industrial-spot-steel-2-light-adjustable---Arti
    Industrial spot steel 2-light adjustable - Arti
    €56.95 €46.95
  12. Industrial-ceiling-and-wall-spotlight-steel-with-wood---Torce
    Industrial ceiling and wall spotlight steel with wood - Torce
    €37.95 €31.95
  13. summer-savings

  14. Industrial-wall-lamp-steel---Arti
    Industrial wall lamp steel - Arti
    €25.95 €23.95
  15. Industrial-spot-steel-with-wood-tiltable---Emado
    Industrial spot steel with wood tiltable - Emado
    €49.95 €41.95
  16. Industrial-spot-rust-brown-with-wood-tiltable-2-light---Gina
    Industrial spot rust brown with wood tiltable 2-light - Gina
    €76.95 €62.95
  17. Industrial-spot-rust-brown-with-wood-tiltable-4-light---Gina
    Industrial spot rust brown with wood tiltable 4-light - Gina
  18. Industrial-spot-rust-brown-with-wood-tiltable-3-light---Gina
    Industrial spot rust brown with wood tiltable 3-light - Gina
  19. Industrial-spot-steel-with-wood-tiltable-3-light---Emado
    Industrial spot steel with wood tiltable 3-light - Emado
    €109.00 €88.95
  20. Industrial-spot-steel-with-wood-tiltable-4-light---Emado
    Industrial spot steel with wood tiltable 4-light - Emado
    €129.00 €74.95
  21. Industrial-spot-steel-with-wood-tiltable-2-light---Emado
    Industrial spot steel with wood tiltable 2-light - Emado
    €76.95 €64.95
  22. Industrial-spot-rust-brown-with-wood-tiltable---Gina
    Industrial spot rust brown with wood tiltable - Gina
21 Items
Set Descending Direction


You will find several different styles and sizes of spotlights at! Spotlights are perfect for directional lighting, where space is limited or you would like to illuminate a certain corner in a room or object. We have a wide range of colours, designs and functions that will suit your needs, from tilting to rotating with replaceable LED or halogen bulbs, to built-in LED spots that will give your chosen area enough lighting to last for years. From single spots, recessed spots to rail spotlights to distribute light evenly throughout the room, the choices are endless at!

Spotlights to suit any decor and design!

No matter what decor you may have, there is always a spotlight available to suit your style choice. Choose from our large range of recessed spots to flush to the ceiling spotlights, colours varying from copper to steel. You can tilt or rotate spotlights for directional lighting or to highlight a canvas or painting in your chosen room. Why not opt out for rail spots for showrooms or even your living room or flexible spots suitable for the wall where you can use it as the perfect reading lamp. Dimmable spots are perfect to create a warm and atmospheric bathroom lighting, choose a spotlight with a dimmer switch that allows you to control light intensity with the click of a switch. Spotlights comes in every shape and form, choose from LED Spots, Wall Spots, Recessed Spots and much more. You are sure to find a suitable spot for our range of ceiling spotlights.

Need help finding the perfect ceiling spotlights?

Let us help you. At you will find a large selection of spotlights, therefore choosing the right one that is suitable for your needs could prove a bit of difficulty. To assist and provide you with the relevant information you need, get in touch via our Chat service to submit your question and receive a personal response. Alternatively you can give us a call or email us to help you find an ideal and suitable spotlights.


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