White table lamp

In need of a brand new white table lamp? Look no further as we have a wide range of perfect white table lamps for you!
White table lamp
24 Items
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  1. Modern-table-lamp-white-with-steel---Milo
    Modern table lamp white with steel - Milo
    €29.95 €19.95
  2. Wall-and-table-lamp-incl.-LED---Lightbox-A5
    Wall and table lamp incl. LED - Lightbox A5
    €27.95 €22.95
  3. Scandinavian-paper-table-lamp-white---Pepa-Lua
    Scandinavian paper table lamp white - Pepa Lua
    €119.00 €53.95
  4. Classic-table-lamp-brown-with-opal-glass---Unik
    Classic table lamp brown with opal glass - Unik
    €89.95 €80.95
  5. Table-lamp-steel-with-white-shade-and-adjustable-arm---Ladas
    Table lamp steel with white shade and adjustable arm - Ladas
    €76.95 €69.95
  6. Design-tafellamp-staal-met-witte-kap-18-cm---Editor
    Design tafellamp staal met witte kap 18 cm - Editor
    €129.00 €59.95
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  7. Table-lamp-white-incl.-LED,-adjustable-and-dimmable---Axel
    Table lamp white incl. LED, adjustable and dimmable - Axel
    €74.95 €54.95
  8. Design-table-lamp-black-33-cm-with-opal-glass---Hero
    Design table lamp black 33 cm with opal glass - Hero
    €87.95 €43.95
  9. Design-table-lamp-black-20-cm-with-opal-glass---Hero
    Design table lamp black 20 cm with opal glass - Hero
    €76.95 €38.95
  10. Design-table-lamp-black-glass-24-cm-with-opal-glass---Hero
    Design table lamp black glass 24 cm with opal glass - Hero
    €76.95 €37.95
  11. Modern-white-table-lamp-round-12-cm-dimmable---Milo-2
    Modern white table lamp round 12 cm dimmable - Milo 2
    €28.95 €26.95
  12. Wall-and-table-lamp-incl.-LED---Lightbox-A4
    Wall and table lamp incl. LED - Lightbox A4
    €34.95 €29.95
  13. lampandlight-forest

  14. Set-of-Floor-Lamp-and-Table-Lamp-Tripods-with-White-Shade---Pip
    Set of Floor Lamp and Table Lamp Tripods with White Shade - Pip
    €189.00 €99.95
  15. Retro-table-lamp-white-with-bronze---Milou
    Retro table lamp white with bronze - Milou
    €44.95 €35.95
  16. Table-lamp-white-with-shade-black-35-cm-adjustable---Parte
    Table lamp white with shade black 35 cm adjustable - Parte
    €79.95 €26.95
  17. Table-Lamp-Adjustable-White---Parte
    Table Lamp Adjustable White - Parte
    €44.95 €24.95
  18. Design-clamp-spot-white-with-flexarm---Egg
    Design clamp spot white with flexarm - Egg
    €34.95 €22.95
  19. Table-lamp-black-with-linen-shade-white-35-cm-adjustable---Parte
    Table lamp black with linen shade white 35 cm adjustable - Parte
    €74.95 €28.95
  20. Bronze-table-lamp-with-linen-shade-white-35cm---Parte
    Bronze table lamp with linen shade white 35cm - Parte
    €74.95 €25.95
  21. Modern-Table-Lamp-Steel-with-32cm-White-Shade---Simplo
    Modern Table Lamp Steel with 32cm White Shade - Simplo
    €69.95 €23.95
  22. Table-lamp-gold-/-brass-with-linen-shade-white-35-cm---Parte
    Table lamp gold / brass with linen shade white 35 cm - Parte
  23. Country-Table-Lamp-with-White-45cm-Shade---Palma
    Country Table Lamp with White 45cm Shade - Palma
    €119.00 €52.95
  24. Brass-table-lamp-with-white-shade-20-cm---Kaso
    Brass table lamp with white shade 20 cm - Kaso
    €83.95 €32.95
  25. Table-lamp-white-with-shade-white-35-cm-adjustable---Parte
    Table lamp white with shade white 35 cm adjustable - Parte
    €76.95 €31.95
24 Items
Set Descending Direction

Decorative yet subtle white table lamps are ideal as additional lighting for your home or office! They can easily become part of your style and decor in a child's bedroom, living room or office anywhere where you may need a fresh and clean look choose from our large range of white table lamps that are available on line! 

Atmospheric and striking white table lights for your home and office.

Introduce to your home a clean and fresh looking white table lamp to tranform your chosen room! White table light emits beautiful soft and atmospheric lighting, small white table lamp with touch to dim function is ideal for children's room to create a cosy and fresh feeling without the need to overdo their room with bold and bright colours and for a bedroom as the perfect bedside table lamp. Our range of white table lamps come in every style and design that will complement your chosen room, striking yet soft in appearance it will suit your office or study room to create soft and atmospheric light, LED table lamps are ideal as they are not only energy efficient but last longer therefore ensuring that you have beautiful and warm light emitted for years to come. Some of our white table lamps also have the latest dimming functionality where you are able to control the light intensity of a lamp by a simple touch due to the built-in dimmer function, allowing you to read with ease or create a romantic atmosphere with light intensity that suits your mood! Customise your own whitetable lamp by choosing your own shade to go with it, a large range of beautiful and stylish lamp shades are available, how about pairing a simple white table lamp with a decorative halogen or LED bulb! Whatever style or design you want to go for when it comes to white lamps we have so much more to offer, check out our collection now! 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing white table lamps?

At lampandlight.eu you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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