Project lighting

Variety of project lighting availabe for your office, retail space, pop up stores or shows!
We stock a large range of commercial and projected related lighting for both business and home use. A variety of energy efficient and modern pendant lamps, recessed spotlights and track lights that are both practical and functional for your needs!

Project lighting
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  1. Modern-recessed-spot-black-1-light-adjustable---Roof
    Modern recessed spot black 1-light adjustable - Roof
    €44.95 €29.95
  2. Modern-wall-lamp-white---Gypsy-Suka
    Modern wall lamp white - Gypsy Suka
    €32.95 €14.95
  3. E27-Pendant-80cm-Black
    E27 Pendant 80cm Black
    €6.95 €4.95
  4. Recessed-spotlight-silver-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Recessed spotlight silver incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Ulo
    €10.95 €5.95
  5. Industrial-Pendant-Lamp-Black---Facil-1
    Industrial Pendant Lamp Black - Facil 1
    €21.95 €10.95
  6. Recessed-spot-tilting-copper---Edu
    Recessed spot tilting copper - Edu
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  7. Taupe-wall-lamp-with-copper-hangman
    Taupe wall lamp with copper hangman
    €32.95 €22.95
  8. Recessed-Spotlight-Copper---Cisco
    Recessed Spotlight Copper - Cisco
    €13.95 €8.95
  9. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-35cm-Black-with-Clear-Glass-Shade---Pallon
    Modern Pendant Lamp 35cm Black with Clear Glass Shade - Pallon
    €79.95 €64.95
  10. Modern-wall-lamp-white-20-cm---Gypsy-Tum
    Modern wall lamp white 20 cm - Gypsy Tum
    €39.95 €30.95
  11. Wall-and-ceiling-spotlight-steel-with-white-shade-adjustable---Hetta
    Wall and ceiling spotlight steel with white shade adjustable - Hetta
    €19.95 €16.95
  12. Retro-plafondlamp-wit-50-cm---Lina
    Retro plafondlamp wit 50 cm - Lina
    €129.00 €59.95
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  14. Modern-Table-Lamp-Black---Facil
    Modern Table Lamp Black - Facil
  15. Ceiling-lamp-white-40-cm-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable-IP44---Steve
    Ceiling lamp white 40 cm incl. LED 3-step dimmable IP44 - Steve
    €109.00 €45.95
  16. Vintage-hanging-lamp-brass-with-smoke-glass---Vidra
    Vintage hanging lamp brass with smoke glass - Vidra
    €49.95 €40.95
  17. Vintage-hanging-lamp-brass---Rings
    Vintage hanging lamp brass - Rings
    €129.00 €88.95
  18. Ceiling-lamp-white-22.5-cm-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable-IP44---Steve
    Ceiling lamp white 22.5 cm incl. LED 3-step dimmable IP44 - Steve
    €49.95 €20.95
  19. Classic-notary-lamp-bronze-with-amber-glass---Banker
    Classic notary lamp bronze with amber glass - Banker
    €77.95 €65.95
  20. OUTLET-|-Modern-table-lamp-brass-with-smoke-glass---Maly
    OUTLET | Modern table lamp brass with smoke glass - Maly
    €49.95 €33.95
  21. Modern-wall-lamp-white---Gypsy-Tubo
    Modern wall lamp white - Gypsy Tubo
    €32.95 €24.95
  22. Design-table-lamp-brass-with-smoke-glass---Stiklo
    Design table lamp brass with smoke glass - Stiklo
    €42.95 €21.95
  23. Modern-wall-lamp-gray---Gypsy-Suka
    Modern wall lamp gray - Gypsy Suka
    €44.95 €18.95
  24. Industrial-Wall-Lamp-Black---Facil-1
    Industrial Wall Lamp Black - Facil 1
  25. Modern-hanging-lamp-bronze-with-black-cable---Cava-Classic
    Modern hanging lamp bronze with black cable - Cava Classic
    €29.95 €16.95
  26. Set-of-5-bronze-recessed-spotlights-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Mio
    Set of 5 bronze recessed spotlights incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Mio
    €54.95 €33.95
  27. Modern-ceiling-lamp-steel-41-cm-IP44---Yuma
    Modern ceiling lamp steel 41 cm IP44 - Yuma
    €54.95 €25.95
  28. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-with-4-light-rack---Cage-Rack
    Industrial hanging lamp black with 4-light rack - Cage Rack
    €299.00 €241.00
  29. Classic-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Stiklo
    Classic table lamp black with smoke glass - Stiklo
    €42.95 €20.95
  30. Art-Deco-ceiling-lamp-brass-with-smoke-glass---Karce
    Art Deco ceiling lamp brass with smoke glass - Karce
    €47.95 €42.95
  31. Natural-floor-lamp-with-white-linen-shade-45-cm---Tripod
    Natural floor lamp with white linen shade 45 cm - Tripod
    €149.00 €83.95
  32. Ceiling-Lamp-Grey-30cm-incl.-LED---Drum-
    Ceiling Lamp Grey 30cm incl. LED - Drum
    €59.95 €30.95
  33. OUTLET-|-Modern-floor-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Maly
    OUTLET | Modern floor lamp black with smoke glass - Maly
    €79.95 €37.95
  34. OUTLET-|-Modern-table-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Maly
    OUTLET | Modern table lamp black with smoke glass - Maly
    €49.95 €23.95
  35. Art-Deco-floor-lamp-brass-with-pink-glass---Pallon-Mezzi
    Art Deco floor lamp brass with pink glass - Pallon Mezzi
    €109.00 €63.95
  36. Bankers-Lamp-Gold-with-Green-Shade
    Bankers Lamp Gold with Green Shade
  37. Vintage-Floor-lamp-Gold/Brass-without-Shade ---Parte
    Vintage Floor lamp Gold/Brass without Shade  - Parte
    €87.95 €44.95
1231 Items
Set Descending Direction

Project lighting

Any commercial property needs good and sufficient lighting, the importance of getting the right light for your shop, restaurant, gallery or show room is key to ensuring a healthy and productive environment. Soft and a non dazzling light is needed to maintain concentration and overall well being for an effective space. With our range of ceiling lights, pendant lights and LED spotlights you are sure to find the ideal and suitable commercial light for your needs. See our range of traditional, retro and art deco style lamps for your business!

Practical and functional commercial lighting

Whether you have a small or large home or business, it is vital that an area is evenly and well lit to distribute light all around. Track lighting is an obvious and ideal choice if space is limited but need a good distribution of lighting, with adjustable and tilting spotlights you can use these in shops to throw balanced light or direct light to certain areas. Looking for a more discreet but powerful lighting, how about our LED spotlights or recessed spotlights as decorative lighting with powerful light output. focus on art work for galleries or highlight items on shop window. Pendant lights are ideal to to be hung in restaurants, provides beautiful and warm direct lighting and install a sufficient dimmer switch to control the light intensity, how about table lamps for your bar or table to provide a cosy environment. Wall lamps for your showroom, adjustable spotlight or as an up and down lighter to throw shadowy atmospheric lighting or simply to highlight an object.

Security is essential when it comes to maintaining your office, see our range of motion detectors and food lights with PIRs for garage or car parks Combine functionality and design when it comes to your commercial or property space, use cost effective LED lighting for a more energy efficient and longer lasting light,clear advantage when compared to conventional and standard lighting, doesn't emit heat and can save up to 80% off your energy bill. Choose your design and style, our range of modern, industrial and art deco designed lamps will not only brighten up your office in colour but also provide your work project or commercial space the sufficient lighting it needs!

Need help finding a light for your chosen project space? Let us help you.

At you will find a large selection lamps and lights, therefore choosing the right light that is suitable for your commercial or project could prove a bit of difficulty. To assist and provide you with the relevant information you need, get in touch via our Chat service to submit your question and receive a personal response. Alternatively you can give us a call or email us to help you find an ideal and suitable lights.


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