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  1. Adjustable-hanging-lamp-brass-dim-to-warm-incl.-LED---Juliet
    Adjustable hanging lamp brass dim to warm incl. LED - Juliet
    €539.00 €479.00
  2. Art-deco-wall-lamp-gold---Facil-1
    Art deco wall lamp gold - Facil 1
  3. Design-ceiling-lamp-gold-60-cm-with-remote-control-incl.-LED---Oculus
    Design ceiling lamp gold 60 cm with remote control incl. LED - Oculus
    €429.00 €382.00
  4. Design-hanglamp-goud-72cm-incl.-LED-dimbaar---Rowan
    Design hanglamp goud 72cm incl. LED dimbaar - Rowan
    €389.00 €349.00
  5. Ceiling-light-gold-45-cm-incl.-LED-with-remote-control---Oculus
    Ceiling light gold 45 cm incl. LED with remote control - Oculus
    €249.00 €216.00
  6. Art-Deco-Ceiling-Lamp-Gold-incl.-LED---Rowan-
    Art Deco Ceiling Lamp Gold incl. LED - Rowan
    €299.00 €296.00
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  7. Art-Deco-table-lamp-black-with-gold-23-cm---Pajaro
    Art Deco table lamp black with gold 23 cm - Pajaro
    €67.95 €37.95
  8. Art-deco-table-lamp-brass-with-opal-glass-45.5-cm---Pallon
    Art deco table lamp brass with opal glass 45.5 cm - Pallon
    €59.95 €35.95
  9. Modern-Round-Spotlight-1-Brass---Gissi
    Modern Round Spotlight 1 Brass - Gissi
  10. Art-deco-ceiling-lamp-gold-/-brass-50-cm-incl.-LED---Belle
    Art deco ceiling lamp gold / brass 50 cm incl. LED - Belle
    €239.00 €215.00
  11. Design-hanging-lamp-gold-with-glass-incl.-LED-3-light---Hayley
    Design hanging lamp gold with glass incl. LED 3-light - Hayley
  12. Art-Deco-table-lamp-gold-without-shade---Torre
    Art Deco table lamp gold without shade - Torre
    €99.95 €80.95
  13. Wall-and-ceiling-light-gold-IP44---Nautica-round
    Wall and ceiling light gold IP44 - Nautica round
    €149.00 €95.95
  14. Wall-and-ceiling-light-gold-23-/-16.5-cm-IP44---Nautica-oval
    Wall and ceiling light gold 23 / 16.5 cm IP44 - Nautica oval
    €139.00 €92.95
  15. Art-Deco-table-lamp-gold-without-shade---Diverso
    Art Deco table lamp gold without shade - Diverso
    €109.00 €50.95
  16. Design-wall-lamp-gold-with-black-shade-incl.-LED---Merlot
    Design wall lamp gold with black shade incl. LED - Merlot
    €87.95 €79.95
  17. Art-Deco-ceiling-lamp-gold-incl.-LED---Delphina
    Art Deco ceiling lamp gold incl. LED - Delphina
    €189.00 €156.00
  18. Oriental-hanging-lamp-gold-4-light---Catena
    Oriental hanging lamp gold 4-light - Catena
    €339.00 €145.00
  19. Ceiling-spot-gold-/-brass-3-light-swivel-and-tilt---Tommy
    Ceiling spot gold / brass 3-light swivel and tilt - Tommy
    €76.95 €53.95
  20. Vintage-Pendant-Lamp-Leaf-2-Gold---Botanica
    Vintage Pendant Lamp Leaf 2 Gold - Botanica
    €269.00 €237.00
  21. Art-deco-Pendant-Lamp-Brass-with-30cm-Amber-Shade---Pallot
    Art deco Pendant Lamp Brass with 30cm Amber Shade - Pallot
    €69.95 €62.95
  22. Vintage-Wall-Lamp-Leaf-Gold---Botanica
    Vintage Wall Lamp Leaf Gold - Botanica
  23. Oriental-hanging-lamp-brass-46-cm---Nidum-Mena
    Oriental hanging lamp brass 46 cm - Nidum Mena
    €139.00 €129.00
  24. Art-deco-ceiling-lamp-gold-/-brass-incl.-LED---Sun
    Art deco ceiling lamp gold / brass incl. LED - Sun
    €99.95 €75.95
  25. Vintage-Pendant-Lamp-Gold-4---Cage-70's
    Vintage Pendant Lamp Gold 4 - Cage 70's
    €269.00 €189.00
  26. Oriental-hanging-lamp-gold-3-light---Catena
    Oriental hanging lamp gold 3-light - Catena
    €269.00 €109.00
  27. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-Black-with-6-Brass-Spotlights---Facil
    Modern Pendant Lamp Black with 6 Brass Spotlights - Facil
    €149.00 €104.00
  28. Modern-Ceiling-Lamp-Gold-incl.-LED---Viola
    Modern Ceiling Lamp Gold incl. LED - Viola
    €109.00 €99.95
  29. Classic-Table-Lamp-Brass-without-Shade---Simplo
    Classic Table Lamp Brass without Shade - Simplo
    €39.95 €36.95
  30. Art-deco-wall-lamp-gold-with-USB-and-flexarm---Brescia-Combi
    Art deco wall lamp gold with USB and flexarm - Brescia Combi
  31. Modern-Floor-Lamp-Black-with-3-Brass-Spotlights---Facil
    Modern Floor Lamp Black with 3 Brass Spotlights - Facil
    €119.00 €64.95
  32. Gold-floor-lamp-with-reading-arm-incl.-LED-and-USB-port---Seville
    Gold floor lamp with reading arm incl. LED and USB port - Seville
    €179.00 €111.00
  33. Retro-Wall-Lamp-Gold-Leaf-with-Switch-incl.-LED---Belle
    Retro Wall Lamp Gold Leaf with Switch incl. LED - Belle
    €89.95 €80.95
  34. Set-of-2-design-table-lamps-matt-gold---Waltz
    Set of 2 design table lamps matt gold - Waltz
  35. Vintage-hanging-lamp-gold-60cm-12-lights-with-adjustable-rod---Facil
    Vintage hanging lamp gold 60cm 12-lights with adjustable rod - Facil
  36. Art-Deco-spot-gold-3-light---Tommy
    Art Deco spot gold 3-light - Tommy
156 Items
Set Descending Direction

Gold lamps are perfect as statement makers that add charm and create ambiance! Choose from different styles and sizes that will exude elegance and add a rich and warm colour to your overall decor. From gold pendant lamps to recessed spotlights as part of your living room lighting to lanterns for your garden and Uplighters for your bedroom, the choices are endless when it comes to gold lamps.If you're in need to transform your decor to a more radiant and rich atmosphere, check out our wide range of gold lamps! 

Rich and warm gold lamps for indoor and outdoor use

A striking and stylish gold lamp can make a difference to your interior decor, a statement making and robust industrial inspired gold pendant lamp can create an eye catching focal point in your living room or kitchen. Gold table lamp with beautiful fabric shade to provide a cosy and relaxing atmosphere or golden accented chandelier in your dining room for a more royal and rustic design that is sure to fit in with your chosen space.Wire frame wall lamps in a rich golden colour coupled with retro and statement making pendant lights that will suit a country and vintage inspired decor. You will also find large golden filament LED bulbs that will suit your chosen lamp for a striking look, see our range of large gold filament LED bulbs now! We stock a large range of gold lamps designed beautifully, from a rustic to modern look you are sure to find the ideal gold lamp that you will suit you best! 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing Gold lamps?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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