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In need for the perfect red lamp? Look no further as we have a range of red lamps for you!
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  1. Ceiling-Lamp-with-25cm-Velvet-Red-Shade---Combi-Black-
    Ceiling Lamp with 25cm Velvet Red Shade - Combi Black
    €67.95 €24.95
  2. Art-Deco-table-lamp-bronze-35-cm-velor-shade-red---Torre
    Art Deco table lamp bronze 35 cm velor shade red - Torre
    €149.00 €70.95
  3. Table-lamp-gold-/-brass-with-velor-shade-red-25-cm---Parte
    Table lamp gold / brass with velor shade red 25 cm - Parte
    €92.95 €47.95
  4. Tight-steel-wall-lamp-with-red-velor-shade---Matt
    Tight steel wall lamp with red velor shade - Matt
    €72.95 €34.95
  5. Table-lamp-black-with-velor-shade-red-with-gold-25-cm---Parte
    Table lamp black with velor shade red with gold 25 cm - Parte
    €92.95 €34.95
  6. Ceiling-Lamp-with-20cm-Velvet-Red-Shade---Combi-Black-
    Ceiling Lamp with 20cm Velvet Red Shade - Combi Black
    €57.95 €21.95
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  7. Floor-Lamp-Gold/Brass-with-40/40cm-Red-Velvet-Shade---Parte
    Floor Lamp Gold/Brass with 40/40cm Red Velvet Shade - Parte
    €159.00 €77.95
  8. Vintage-floor-lamp-gold-with-red-shade-40-cm---Simplo
    Vintage floor lamp gold with red shade 40 cm - Simplo
  9. Arc-lamp-black-velor-shade-red-with-gold-50-cm---XXL
    Arc lamp black velor shade red with gold 50 cm - XXL
    €239.00 €143.00
  10. Modern-Ceiling-Lamp-30cm-Red---Drum
    Modern Ceiling Lamp 30cm Red - Drum
    €64.95 €25.95
  11. Hanging-lamp-with-velor-shade-red-with-gold-35-cm---Blitz-I-black
    Hanging lamp with velor shade red with gold 35 cm - Blitz I black
    €149.00 €71.95
  12. Floor-lamp-tripod-black-with-red-shade-and-gold-50-cm-Puros
    Floor lamp tripod black with red shade and gold 50 cm Puros
    €249.00 €86.95
  13. Floor-Lamp-Black-with-35cm-Red-Velvet-Shade---Parte
    Floor Lamp Black with 35cm Red Velvet Shade - Parte
    €139.00 €73.95
13 Items
Set Descending Direction

Red lamps add colour and vibrancy to most styles and decor, from red pendant lamps and ceiling lights to RGB LED lights and bulbs to create the perfect light setting that will match your mood! If you're in need to change up your decor to a more lively and exciting atmosphere, check out our wide range of red lamps that is sure to transform your chosen room or space. 

Vibrant red lamps for any space

A striking and vibrant red lamp can make a difference to your interior decor, a statement making red fabric shade with a pendant lamp can create an eye catching focal point in your living room or bedroom. A bright red neon wall light in your bedroom or office to provide a contemporary yet trendy look to a space, LED lights to emit colourful and playful look in your bathroom or kitchen to transform your chosen space and room. Give your bedroom a romantic yet subtle look with a touch table light and ceiling light to create a comfortable and cosy look to complement your decor, a stylish yet simple wall light above your bed as a reading arm to complete the look. Red lamps are the perfect decorative piece to add into a retro and romantic inspired look, you will find them all at! 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing Red lamps?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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