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  1. Oosterse-wandlamp-zwart-met-jute-touw---Riki
    Oosterse wandlamp zwart met jute touw - Riki
    €42.95 €37.95
  2. Country-hanging-lamp-macramé-90-cm---String
    Country hanging lamp macramé 90 cm - String
    €139.00 €64.95
  3. Oosterse-plafondlamp-zwart-met-jute-touw---Riki
    Oosterse plafondlamp zwart met jute touw - Riki
    €72.95 €64.95
  4. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-with-wood-3-light---Arthur
    Industrial hanging lamp black with wood 3-light - Arthur
    €289.00 €161.00
  5. Rural-hanging-lamp-of-rope-4-light---Ropa
    Rural hanging lamp of rope 4-light - Ropa
    €149.00 €139.00
  6. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-6-light---Plural
    Industrial hanging lamp black 6-light - Plural
    €219.00 €137.00
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  7. Macrame-lampshade-natural-130-cm
    Macrame lampshade natural 130 cm
    €129.00 €109.00
  8. Macrame-lampshade-natural-90-cm
    Macrame lampshade natural 90 cm
    €109.00 €99.95
  9. Country-hanging-lamp-brown-with-rope-6-lights---Tou
    Country hanging lamp brown with rope 6 lights - Tou
    €99.95 €89.95
  10. Country-hanging-lamp-black-with-rope-4-light---Ropa
    Country hanging lamp black with rope 4-light - Ropa
    €97.95 €87.95
  11. Retro-hanging-lamp-with-macramé-shade-130-cm---String
    Retro hanging lamp with macramé shade 130 cm - String
    €159.00 €74.95
  12. Country-hanging-lamp-black-2-lights-with-rope---Eveline
    Country hanging lamp black 2-lights with rope - Eveline
    €72.95 €62.95
  13. Country-hanging-lamp-black-5-light-with-rope---Wilma
    Country hanging lamp black 5-light with rope - Wilma
    €64.95 €57.95
  14. Oriental-table-lamp-black-with-rope---Riki
    Oriental table lamp black with rope - Riki
    €59.95 €54.95
  15. Rural-hanging-lamp-of-rope-2-light---Ropa
    Rural hanging lamp of rope 2-light - Ropa
    €47.95 €43.95
  16. Rural-table-lamp-made-of-rope---Ropa
    Rural table lamp made of rope - Ropa
    €41.95 €37.95
  17. Rural-hanging-lamp-of-rope-1-light---Ropa
    Rural hanging lamp of rope 1-light - Ropa
    €26.95 €24.95
  18. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black-steel---Camelot
    Industrial hanging lamp black steel - Camelot
    €179.00 €90.95
  19. Set-of-2-hanging-lamps-aluminum-38-cm-dimmable---Anteros
    Set of 2 hanging lamps aluminum 38 cm dimmable - Anteros
    €159.00 €108.00
  20. Oosterse-driepoot-vloerlamp-zwart-met-jute-touw---Riki
    Oosterse driepoot vloerlamp zwart met jute touw - Riki
    €109.00 €94.95
  21. Country-Pendant-Lamp-44cm-Wood-with-Rope---Excalibur
    Country Pendant Lamp 44cm Wood with Rope - Excalibur
    €149.00 €69.95
  22. Industrial-hanging-lamp-aluminum-38-cm-dimmable---Anteros
    Industrial hanging lamp aluminum 38 cm dimmable - Anteros
    €79.95 €59.95
  23. Country-Pendant-Lamp-34cm-Wood-with-Rope---Excalibur
    Country Pendant Lamp 34cm Wood with Rope - Excalibur
    €109.00 €49.95
23 Items
Set Descending Direction


If you are looking for unique and trendy lamps, we stock them! We have a wide range of lights that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, lighting for your living room or kitchen to lamps suitable for your office or garden. There is a huge range of diverse lamps to choose from, endless options when it comes to choosing pendant lamps, wall lights, floor and tables lamps, ceiling lights and recessed spotlights. Which ever area you choose a lamp for, be assured that we have lights that will suit your particular space or decor. Check out our range of lights now.

Lamps that create atmosphere.

We offer a diverse range of lamps that come in different sizes, colours and shapes that will complement your style and decor while infusing an overall atmospheric lighting. If you you have an industrial inspired decor you will find many robust and modern industrial lamps available in the form of wall lights or pendant lights, there's also a large selection of decorative lighting of Oriental, African and Moroccan inspired lamps that come in different sizes and colours. When choosing an atmospheric light colour is important, at you will see an array of different colours such as copper, gold, brass, black and white lamps among the many other colours available.

Need help or advice when it comes to Lighting?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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