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How important is lighting in your life?

 We don't really notice how important light really is and we often take it for granted. However, when light becomes scarce or non-existent do we realise its importance and the role it plays in our daily lives. When there is a power cut or when an electrical fault occurs in your home, how do we carry on with our basic daily needs without light? On this page we highlight the importance of lighting.

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Light is a primary need in our lives

Can you imagine a life without light? Without (day) light you have less energy, more at risk for illness and studies have also shown it can cause depression. Our 'Homes' are very important to us, its a place where we come to relax, its a safe haven for us and its where we need functional and atmospheric lighting the most. So how do we combine functional and atmospheric lighting? Good lighting improves productivity and has a positive effect on your overall well-being, the more light available to you the better you do your work. That is why sufficient and efficient lighting is essential in your own work space at home, it is also of great importance in the kitchen, living room, bathroom and outdoors for security purposes. Good lighting is a combination of personal taste, budget and safety. Do you have the right lighting in the right place? We are here to give you various tips for choosing the right lighting for your home and for youself, this allows you to make a good combination of both functional and atmospheric lighting!

A good lighting plan

As we just discussed, the combination of functional and atmospheric lighting is important in your home. Before you choose your lamps, make a lighting plan where you draw your chosen room and indicate where you need lighting. This lighting plan will determine how many lamps you require, where you need to install them and what you need each light to do, such as its functionality.
To achieve a good lighting plan, divide your lighting needs into basic/main lighting, atmospheric lighting and functional lighting.

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Basic lighting

This is the first thing you need in your lighting plan, basic or main lighting are essential needs in any room in your home. Its usually the first light switched on from a wall when you walk into a home, this can be a ceiling or pendant lamp which illuminates a room well. Tip;choose a dimmable basic/main lamp that will also allow you to go from functional to atmospheric lighting when needed.

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Functional lighting

Functional lighting is important, it provides you with a functional lighting needs if daylight is limited or reduced in a room, it also important for your own overall wellbeing and health. Functional lighting is like daylight (natural lighting) and provides you with the ability to do essential work such as cooking, working, reading, getting dressed and ready in general. However, functional lighting is essential when it also comes to needing it to see, so for your outdoor needs you require good functional lighting for security purposes as well as when you walk into a dark home, the first light swithed on should provide good light.


Make sure you use dimmable bulbs with your basic/main lamp so that you are able to dim your light to end your day with a more atmospheric finish.

Atmospheric lighting

Your home is a place of relaxion and peace, therefore creating that atmosphere through lighting is important after a long day's work. Atmospheric lighting is created through the use of table, wall or floor lamps in the corner of a room that allows you to switch it on/off on the actual lights or with the use of dimmable ceiling or pendant lamp to go from functional to atmospheric lighting. With these types of lighting is best to always choose 2700K warmer white to ensure you get great atmospheric lighting. Which lamp, style and dim functionality you choose is completely you choice, as long as you create your very own relaxing atmosphere.

Extend your style and decor into lighting

Your home's style and decor is personal, the finishing touches to your overall decor should also match up with your lighting. Is your living room decor inspired by country or Scandinavian style? If there are some elements of country inspired style, a statement making rattan pendant lamp is ideal or wooden base ceiling spotlights. If you do have Scandinavian inspired or similar decor, you have wider choices with the finishing touches as you can take multiple directions with this. Clean lines and sleek finishes that are uniquely shaped pendant lamps or brass or silver finished lights are eye catching and will complete this decor.

LED lights in your home

LED lighting has become more and more popular to be used at home and has replaced standard and traditional light bulbs. Its energy efficient, lasts longer and enivironmentally friendly which means you won't have to change as much when compared to other traditional lights.

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LED has come a long way

LEDs used to only come in cool white, however, it has evolved now and comes in a variety of different colours, lumens and kelvins. You can find dimmable LEDs now, perfect to create an atmospheric lighting with energy saving and long lasting bulbs. With these tips and more, you can now create the perfect lighting needs for your home!

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