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LED chandeliers

LED chandeliers that will create the perfect lighting available to order now!

Tranforms your kitchen, living room or dining area with our range of LED chandeliers! Huge collection of beautifully designed LED chandeliers that will exude elegance and charm to create the perfect atmospher when lit, large and small LED chandeliers to suit your chosen space to provide a long life span and low energy consumption for many years to come! Browse our collection now and choose your ideal LED chandelier!

LED chandeliers
19 Items
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  1. Classic-chandelier-gray---Zero-Branco-5
    Classic chandelier gray - Zero Branco 5
    €99.95 €68.95
  2. Chandelier-Aged-White-with-Black-Linen-Clamp-Shades---Giuseppe-8
    Chandelier Aged White with Black Linen Clamp Shades - Giuseppe 8
    €239.00 €103.00
  3. Chandelier-crystal-brass-S-arm-8-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Chandelier crystal brass S-arm 8 lights - Marie Theresa
  4. Chandelier-crystal-brass-S-arm-12-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Chandelier crystal brass S-arm 12 lights - Marie Theresa
    €299.00 €253.00
  5. Classic-chandelier-chrome-with-black-shade-80-cm---Ann-Kathrin
    Classic chandelier chrome with black shade 80 cm - Ann-Kathrin
    €199.00 €169.00
  6. Chandelier-Aged-White---Giuseppe-5
    Chandelier Aged White - Giuseppe 5
    €119.00 €71.95
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  7. Classic-chandelier-taupe---Zero-Branco-5
    Classic chandelier taupe - Zero Branco 5
    €99.95 €64.95
  8. Chandelier-Aged-White---Giuseppe-8
    Chandelier Aged White - Giuseppe 8
  9. Chandelier-chrome-and-brass-S-arm-6-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Chandelier chrome and brass S-arm 6 lights - Marie Theresa
    €209.00 €153.00
  10. Classic-chandelier-taupe---Como-5
    Classic chandelier taupe - Como 5
    €99.95 €57.95
  11. Vintage-chandelier-chrome-C-arm-8-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Vintage chandelier chrome C-arm 8 lights - Marie Theresa
    €209.00 €119.00
  12. Vintage-chandelier-chrome-C-arm-5-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Vintage chandelier chrome C-arm 5 lights - Marie Theresa
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  14. Vintage-chandelier-chrome-C-arm-6-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Vintage chandelier chrome C-arm 6 lights - Marie Theresa
    €175.00 €144.00
  15. Classic-chandelier-chrome-with-black-shade---Ann-Kathrin-5
    Classic chandelier chrome with black shade - Ann-Kathrin 5
    €139.00 €77.95
  16. Chandelier-Rust-Brown---Giuseppe-8
    Chandelier Rust-Brown - Giuseppe 8
    €179.00 €111.00
  17. Classic-chandelier-taupe-with-shades-of-brown---Como-5
    Classic chandelier taupe with shades of brown - Como 5
    €129.00 €102.00
  18. Chandelier-Rust-Brown---Giuseppe-5
    Chandelier Rust-Brown - Giuseppe 5
    €119.00 €87.95
  19. Classic-chandelier-brown---Zero-Branco-5
    Classic chandelier brown - Zero Branco 5
    €99.95 €77.95
  20. Classic-chandelier-chrome-with-black-shade---Ann-Kathrin-3
    Classic chandelier chrome with black shade - Ann-Kathrin 3
    €99.95 €65.95
19 Items
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LED Chandeliers

If you are looking for the right classic or modern LED chandeliers then you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of beautiful, classic and modern chandeliers that are LED compatible. LED chandeliers make a unique addition to your dining room, living room, study or even bedroom to make a classy statement while still keeping in with modern technology. Our range of LED chandeliers can compliment many different styles and decors, can and find the perfect match with us!

Classic Chandeliers with modern LED technology.

Are you looking for a modern, country style or classic LED chandelier? We have many different styles and designer LED chandeliers available at Many our our designer brands, such as QAZQA, create chandeliers with care as well as keeping up with the most modern LED technology. Using LED chandeliers is a stylish way to be eco friendly as well as keeping your energy costs low. Even LED chandeliers can be dimmable, allowing you to transform your room by setting the atmosphere that you desire. Match your LED chandeliers with our other LED wall lamps, floor and table lamps to complete the look. Customise your LED chandelier by choosing from our many beautiful fabric shades. Get inspired by our many different LED chandeliers amoungst our collection now!

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