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Outdoor LED lighting

Large collection of LED outdoor lighting all available to order!

LED outdoor lighting is an energy efficient and low power consumption way to illuminate your garden or any general outdoor space. In our range of outdoor LED lighting we stock bollards/pole lamps, LED wall lamp and ceiling lights, our range of LED ground spotlights also come with RGB LED bulbs allowing you to add colour and vibrancy to your decking area. All of our outdoor LED lights have an IP44 and above classifications.

Outdoor LED lighting
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  1. Garden-spot-lamp-black-incl.-Cord-and-plug-IP65---Done
    Garden spot lamp black incl. Cord and plug IP65 - Done
    €32.95 €26.95
  2. Classic-outdoor-lamp-black-127.5-cm-IP44---New-Orleans
    Classic outdoor lamp black 127.5 cm IP44 - New Orleans
    €49.95 €33.95
  3. Modern-Outdoor-Pole-30cm-Anthracite-IP44---Denmark
    Modern Outdoor Pole 30cm Anthracite IP44 - Denmark
    €59.95 €46.95
  4. Industrial-rectangular-exterior-wall-lamp-black-with-glass-IP44---Rotterdam
    Industrial rectangular exterior wall lamp black with glass IP44 - Rotterdam
    €69.95 €49.95
  5. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Anthracite-IP44---Duo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Anthracite IP44 - Duo
  6. Outdoor-lamp-post-anthracite-45-cm-IP44---Rox
    Outdoor lamp post anthracite 45 cm IP44 - Rox
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  7. Romantic-outdoor-wall-lamp-bronze---London
    Romantic outdoor wall lamp bronze - London
    €49.95 €43.95
  8. Flood-Light-Radius-2-PIR-10W-LED-Dark-Grey
    Flood Light Radius 2 PIR 10W LED Dark Grey
    €32.95 €20.95
  9. Modern-outdoor-wall-lamp-rust-brown-IP44---Emmerald-Classic
    Modern outdoor wall lamp rust brown IP44 - Emmerald Classic
    €32.95 €16.95
  10. Outdoor-Pole-45cm-with-Adjustable-Spotlight-Anthracite-IP44---Solo
    Outdoor Pole 45cm with Adjustable Spotlight Anthracite IP44 - Solo
    €54.95 €34.95
  11. Modern-wall-lamp-steel-stainless-steel-IP44---Sapphire-Deluxe
    Modern wall lamp steel stainless steel IP44 - Sapphire Deluxe
    €26.95 €19.95
  12. Modern-outdoor-lamp-pole-steel-45-cm-IP44---Rox
    Modern outdoor lamp pole steel 45 cm IP44 - Rox
    €32.95 €19.95
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  14. Outdoor-lamp-Malios-pole-45
    Outdoor lamp Malios pole 45
    €44.95 €34.95
  15. Puncture-steel-incl.-LED-on-solar-energy-set-of-3-IP44---Rox
    Puncture steel incl. LED on solar energy set of 3 IP44 - Rox
    €39.95 €35.95
  16. Outdoor-lamp-black-45-cm-adjustable-IP44---Solo
    Outdoor lamp black 45 cm adjustable IP44 - Solo
    €49.95 €36.95
  17. Modern-Outdoor-Lantern-Pedestal-Dark-Grey---Platar
    Modern Outdoor Lantern Pedestal Dark Grey - Platar
    €64.95 €26.95
  18. Modern-Recessed-Spotlight-Black---Xena-Round
    Modern Recessed Spotlight Black - Xena Round
  19. Modern-outdoor-wall-light-steel-motion-sensor-IP44---Emmerald-1
    Modern outdoor wall light steel motion sensor IP44 - Emmerald 1
    €44.95 €24.95
  20. Modern-recessed-spot-square-steel-incl.-LED-IP65---Simply
    Modern recessed spot square steel incl. LED IP65 - Simply
  21. Classic-round-ceiling-lamp-silver-incl.-Replaceable-LED---Flavi
    Classic round ceiling lamp silver incl. Replaceable LED - Flavi
    €79.95 €69.95
  22. Set-of-3-modern-recessed-spotlights-white-IP44---Gap
    Set of 3 modern recessed spotlights white IP44 - Gap
    €67.95 €25.95
  23. Modern-Oblique-Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Black-Incl.-LED---Prim
    Modern Oblique Outdoor Wall Lamp Black Incl. LED - Prim
    €49.95 €13.95
  24. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-Steel-IP44---Duo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp Steel IP44 - Duo
    €32.95 €22.95
  25. Modern-black-outdoor-post-80-cm-IP55-incl.-GU10-Carlo
    Modern black outdoor post 80 cm IP55 incl. GU10-Carlo
  26. Set-of-4-pin-spots-incl.-LED-IP68---Garly
    Set of 4 pin spots incl. LED IP68 - Garly
  27. Outdoor-wall-light-stainless-steel-light-dark-sensor---Mira
    Outdoor wall light stainless steel light-dark sensor - Mira
    €39.95 €23.95
  28. Outdoor-Wall-Lamp-with-Motion-Sensor-Anthracite-IP44---Duo
    Outdoor Wall Lamp with Motion Sensor Anthracite IP44 - Duo
    €44.95 €35.95
  29. Outdoor-lamp-post-anthracite-80-cm-IP44---Rox
    Outdoor lamp post anthracite 80 cm IP44 - Rox
  30. Exterior-wall-light-anthracite-IP44---Kansas-graphite
    Exterior wall light anthracite IP44 - Kansas graphite
    €49.95 €35.95
  31. Wall-lamp-anthracite-11.5-cm-incl.-LED-IP65---Batt
    Wall lamp anthracite 11.5 cm incl. LED IP65 - Batt
    €44.95 €39.95
  32. Single-cable-sleeve-to-make-an-underground-connection
    Single cable sleeve to make an underground connection
    €9.95 €8.95
  33. Moderne-ronde-buitenlamp-met-grondpin-antraciet---Spiky
    Moderne ronde buitenlamp met grondpin antraciet - Spiky
    €29.95 €25.95
  34. Modern-wall-lamp-aluminum-IP44---Ben-2
    Modern wall lamp aluminum IP44 - Ben 2
    €39.95 €19.95
  35. Classic-outdoor-lantern-anthracite-230cm-3-light---Platar
    Classic outdoor lantern anthracite 230cm 3-light - Platar
    €369.00 €246.00
  36. Set-of-6-outdoor-ground-spots-steel-IP65-incl-LED---Basic-Round
    Set of 6 outdoor ground spots steel IP65 incl LED - Basic Round
    €249.00 €187.00
  37. Rural-ceiling-lamp-dark-gray-IP44---Bri-L
    Rural ceiling lamp dark gray IP44 - Bri L
    €44.95 €39.95
499 Items
Set Descending Direction

Outdoor LED lighting

Are you looking for a suitable garden LED light? You will find that we stock a large range of garden LED lights that will suit all your outdoor lighting needs. From LED ground and decking spotlights to solar powered LED wall lights, everything to do with garden LED lights can all be found at!

Energy efficient, high quality and durable LED garden lights.

Durable and stylish garden LED lights are ideal for your outdoor use and will easily fit in with your decor and design regardless of season change. Gardens are the extension of your home, so wether it is the perfect seating area during the summer or cosy nights in during the colder months, we have everything you will need when it comes to an Eco friendly and longer lasting LED lights ideal for your garden. The perfect garden LED light cannot only be judged to its decorative attributes but you have to also take into consideration its functionality and suitability, different garden lights can have different uses and functions. Large range of modern and sleek IP65 LED wall lights with motion sensor are perfecf during the dark when it need for additional lighting, how about LED solar lights to provide you simplicty when in need for lights without the need to wire them into your mains, with built-in solar cell design the lamp uses the sun's energy along with an energy efficient LED light source to illuminate your garden for a long time. Decorative LED wall lights for your garden porch or decking area to colour changing RGB LED bulbs that will fit perfectly into a spike light to highlight or illuminate trees and shrubs to create great ambiance. In need for a more powerful light output? Our range of LED flood lights will be perfect for large gardens where your general garden lights do not reach or how about our built-in LED garden pole/bollard lamps that are weather resistant to light up a garden pathway. These and so much more when it comes to cost effective garden LED lights in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to create the perfect light setting for your garden space.

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing garden LED lights?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.

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