Wall spotlights

Different styles of wall spotlights directly available to you now!
Looking for an ideal wall spotlight? Find an array of different styles, sizes and colours to suit your needs! From classic wall spotlights with switches to more modern flexible LED wall spotlights and more for your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Wall spotlights
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  1. Modern-Adjustable-Spotlight-White---Jeana-1
    Modern Adjustable Spotlight White - Jeana 1
  2. Wall-and-ceiling-spotlight-steel-with-white-shade-adjustable---Hetta
    Wall and ceiling spotlight steel with white shade adjustable - Hetta
    €19.95 €16.95
  3. Modern-Square-Spotlight-1-Black-incl.-G9-LED---Kaya-
    Modern Square Spotlight 1 Black incl. G9 LED - Kaya
    €69.95 €44.95
  4. Modern-Spotlight-Copper-with-Black---Mesh-1
    Modern Spotlight Copper with Black - Mesh 1
  5. Modern-spot-white-tiltable---Jeany-1
    Modern spot white tiltable - Jeany 1
    €9.95 €6.95
  6. Set-of-6-spots-white-rotatable-and-tiltable---Rondoo-1-up
    Set of 6 spots white rotatable and tiltable - Rondoo 1 up
    €209.00 €97.95
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  7. Spotlight-Move-I-Aluminium
    Spotlight Move I Aluminium
    €89.95 €74.95
  8. Country-spot-black-with-cork---Corky
    Country spot black with cork - Corky
    €17.95 €11.95
  9. Wall-spot-bronze-swivel-and-tiltable-with-switch---Karin-1
    Wall spot bronze swivel and tiltable with switch - Karin 1
    €24.95 €13.95
  10. Ceiling-and-wall-spot-copper-swivel-and-tilt---Karin-1
    Ceiling and wall spot copper swivel and tilt - Karin 1
    €15.95 €10.95
  11. Industrial-spot-black-with-wood---Manon
    Industrial spot black with wood - Manon
    €24.95 €22.95
  12. Set-of-2-modern-spotlights-white-adjustable---Go-Nine-Tubo
    Set of 2 modern spotlights white adjustable - Go Nine Tubo
    €149.00 €95.95
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  14. Industrial-spot-white-with-mango-wood-18-cm---Mangoes
    Industrial spot white with mango wood 18 cm - Mangoes
    €54.95 €40.95
  15. Moderne-plafondlamp-zwart-incl.-LED-3-staps-dimbaar---Cruz
    Moderne plafondlamp zwart incl. LED 3-staps dimbaar - Cruz
    €69.95 €35.95
  16. Country-wall-lamp-wood-with-steel-adjustable---Maris
    Country wall lamp wood with steel adjustable - Maris
    €29.95 €27.95
  17. Industrial-ceiling-and-wall-spotlight-steel-with-wood---Torce
    Industrial ceiling and wall spotlight steel with wood - Torce
    €37.95 €25.95
  18. Industrial-wall-lamp-steel---Arti
    Industrial wall lamp steel - Arti
    €25.95 €23.95
  19. Design-spot-black-with-gold-adjustable---Mesh
    Design spot black with gold adjustable - Mesh
    €29.95 €17.95
  20. Landelijke-spot-zwart-met-beton---Pedra
    Landelijke spot zwart met beton - Pedra
    €18.95 €16.95
  21. Set-of-4-spots-white-swivel-and-tiltable---Rondoo-1-up
    Set of 4 spots white swivel and tiltable - Rondoo 1 up
    €139.00 €74.95
  22. Classic-spot-copper---Jos-1
    Classic spot copper - Jos 1
  23. Design-spot-white---Egg-1
    Design spot white - Egg 1
  24. Industrial-spot-black-rotatable-and-tiltable-without-hood---Movie
    Industrial spot black rotatable and tiltable without hood - Movie
  25. Design-spot-square-1-light-black-incl.-1-x-G9---Box
    Design spot square 1-light black incl. 1 x G9 - Box
    €76.95 €50.95
  26. Design-spot-cylinder-white-incl.-LED---Impact-Up-G9
    Design spot cylinder white incl. LED - Impact-Up G9
    €59.95 €33.95
  27. Set-of-6-industrial-spots-gray-concrete-1-light---Creto
    Set of 6 industrial spots gray concrete 1-light - Creto
  28. Set-of-4-wall-and-ceiling-spotlights-black-adjustable---Biker-1
    Set of 4 wall and ceiling spotlights black adjustable - Biker 1
    €129.00 €102.00
  29. Modern-Adjustable-Spotlight-1-Black-incl.-LED-G9---Go
    Modern Adjustable Spotlight 1 Black incl. LED G9 - Go
  30. Set-of-2-industrial-spots-gray-concrete-1-light---Creto
    Set of 2 industrial spots gray concrete 1-light - Creto
  31. Design-spot-cylinder-black---Impact-Up-G9
    Design spot cylinder black - Impact-Up G9
    €59.95 €41.95
  32. Spotlight-Go-Nine-Tubo-White
    Spotlight Go Nine Tubo White
    €76.95 €38.95
  33. Modern-spot-anthracite-swivel-and-tilt---Go-1
    Modern spot anthracite swivel and tilt - Go 1
    €54.95 €35.95
  34. Wall-and-ceiling-spotlight-black-rotatable-and-tiltable---Biker-1
    Wall and ceiling spotlight black rotatable and tiltable - Biker 1
  35. Industrial-spot-gray-concrete-1-light---Creto
    Industrial spot gray concrete 1-light - Creto
    €34.95 €32.95
  36. Modern-spot-white-swivel-and-tilt---Go-1
    Modern spot white swivel and tilt - Go 1
    €54.95 €24.95
  37. Anthracite-industrial-spotlight-rotatable-and-tiltable---Suplux
    Anthracite industrial spotlight rotatable and tiltable - Suplux
    €22.95 €21.95
53 Items
Set Descending Direction

Buy wall Spotlights?

You will find several wall spotlights in different styles and sizes at lampandlight.co.uk! Wall spotlights are the perfect directional lighting where you require additional lighting and ambiance. Wide range of colours, designs and functions that will suit your decor and style from adjustable and tilting spotlights to single and multiple spotlights with beautiful steel, brass or copper base fixtures to distribute light evenly throughout a room. Energy saving and longer lasting built-in LED wall spotlights perfect for outdoors with high lumen output or a simple wall spotlight with a decorative filament bulb in warm white for you living room to match a floor lamp or table lamp, the choices are endless.

Wall spotlights to suit your indoor and outdoor decor!

No matter what style or decor you may have, wall spotlights are always a great addition for your home, place of business or office. Choose from an array of wall spotlights with adjustable heads to allow you to rotate and direct light where it suits you best to wall spotlight that can act as an up and down lighter to emit indirect and warm lighting as a feature piece on your wall. Beautiful and distinctive modern to rustic wall spotlights are ideal for showrooms and restaurants to provide great lighting, how about adjustable wall spotlights for your bathroom with IP44 to IP65 to suit your required zone or wall spotlights with plug and cable for easy use and switch as bedroom lighting perfect as a reading light. Dimmable wall spotlights are perfect to create a warm and atmospheric lighting and allows you to control light intensity, how about using RGB LED bulbs to create a playful and decorative colour infused space for children's bedroom. Wall spotlights come in a variety of shapes and colours to suit a modern, industrial or even a vintage inspired style and look, you are sure to find a suitable wall spotlight from our range! .

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing wall spotlights?

At lampandlight.eu you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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