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LED floor lamps

LED floor lamps available to complete your decor!

When it comes to our range of LED floor lamps, you will be surpised at the collection we have available for you! LED floor lamp is perfect to create ambiance and warmth anywhere where you need to create extra lighting. Sleek, stylish and highly decorative LED floor amps are perfect to complete your lighting needs in an office or as a bedside light, find yourself a modern and industrial designed LED floor lamp for your living room and dining area, you will find that some of our LED floor lamps come complete with the latest LED dimming technology allowing you to control the light intensity via a switch or touch button! Complete the overall look of your decor with our range LED floor lamps!

LED floor lamps
301 Items
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  1. Floor-lamp-with-shade---Artemide-Tolomeo-Mega-Terra-aluminum
    Floor lamp with shade - Artemide Tolomeo Mega Terra aluminum
    €780.00 €702.00
  2. Modern-arc-lamp-with-gray-shade-Bend
    Modern arc lamp with gray shade Bend
    €129.00 €72.95
  3. Artemide-floor-lamp-aluminum-with-shade---Artemide-Tolomeo-Mega-Terra
    Artemide floor lamp aluminum with shade - Artemide Tolomeo Mega Terra
    €697.95 €628.16
  4. Modern-arc-lamp-copper-with-white-shade---Arc-Basic
    Modern arc lamp copper with white shade - Arc Basic
    €129.00 €77.95
  5. Classic-Floor-Lamp-with-Reading-Arm-Steel-with-Grey-Shades---Retro
    Classic Floor Lamp with Reading Arm Steel with Grey Shades - Retro
    €99.95 €89.95
  6. Classic-Floor-Lamp-with-Reading-Arm-Steel-with-White-Shades---Retro
    Classic Floor Lamp with Reading Arm Steel with White Shades - Retro
    €99.95 €87.95
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  7. Modern-Floor-Lamp-3-Black-with-Gold---Facile
    Modern Floor Lamp 3 Black with Gold - Facile
    €149.00 €76.95
  8. Artemide-floor-lamp-adjustable---Artemide-Tolomeo-Basculante-terra
    Artemide floor lamp adjustable - Artemide Tolomeo Basculante terra
    €545.00 €490.50
  9. Rural-floor-lamp-rattan---Manila
    Rural floor lamp rattan - Manila
    €159.00 €114.00
  10. Modern-Floor-Lamp-5-Gold---Sixties-Marble
    Modern Floor Lamp 5 Gold - Sixties Marble
    €269.00 €124.00
  11. Floor-Lamp-Black-with-Gold-Granny-Shade---Classico
    Floor Lamp Black with Gold Granny Shade - Classico
    €209.00 €73.95
  12. Artemide-floor-lamp-aluminum-adjustable---Artemide-Tolomeo-Terra
    Artemide floor lamp aluminum adjustable - Artemide Tolomeo Terra
    €480.00 €432.00
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  14. Floor-lamp-steel-and-gray-with-adjustable-reading-arm-incl.-LED---Luxor
    Floor lamp steel and gray with adjustable reading arm incl. LED - Luxor
    €179.00 €90.95
  15. Modern-Floor-Lamp-Uplighter-with-Adjustable-Reading-Arm-Steel-incl.-LED---Moderno
    Modern Floor Lamp Uplighter with Adjustable Reading Arm Steel incl. LED - Moderno
    €379.00 €333.00
  16. Modern-floor-lamp-black-with-black-shade---Tripe
    Modern floor lamp black with black shade - Tripe
    €169.00 €142.00
  17. Landelijke-vloerlamp-zwart-incl.-LED---Tamlin
    Landelijke vloerlamp zwart incl. LED - Tamlin
    €299.00 €269.00
  18. Modern-floor-lamp-black-incl.-LED---Berdien
    Modern floor lamp black incl. LED - Berdien
  19. Modern-floor-lamp-aluminum-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Logan
    Modern floor lamp aluminum incl. LED and dimmer - Logan
    €469.00 €349.00
  20. Floor-lamp-gold-/-brass-with-velor-shade-yellow-40/40-cm---Parte
    Floor lamp gold / brass with velor shade yellow 40/40 cm - Parte
    €159.00 €80.95
  21. Modern-floor-lamp-white-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Logan
    Modern floor lamp white incl. LED and dimmer - Logan
    €469.00 €379.00
  22. Modern-floor-lamp-black-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Logan
    Modern floor lamp black incl. LED and dimmer - Logan
    €469.00 €379.00
  23. Landelijke-vloerlamp-bruin-incl.-LED---Tamlin
    Landelijke vloerlamp bruin incl. LED - Tamlin
    €299.00 €236.00
  24. Artemide-floor-lamp-black-adjustable---Tolomeo-Lettura
    Artemide floor lamp black adjustable - Tolomeo Lettura
    €360.00 €324.00
  25. Black-arc-lamp-with-brown-shade-slanted-45-cm---XXL
    Black arc lamp with brown shade slanted 45 cm - XXL
    €259.00 €154.00
  26. Floor-Lamp-Tripod-Tripe-Brass-with-Black-Shade
    Floor Lamp Tripod Tripe Brass with Black Shade
    €199.00 €120.00
  27. Floor-lamp-with-wooden-tripod-and-studio-spot---Tripod-Construct
    Floor lamp with wooden tripod and studio spot - Tripod Construct
    €299.00 €233.00
  28. Moderne-vloerlamp-bruin-incl.-LED-en-dimmer---Belinda
    Moderne vloerlamp bruin incl. LED en dimmer - Belinda
    €299.00 €269.00
  29. Modern-floor-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Belinda
    Modern floor lamp steel incl. LED and dimmer - Belinda
  30. Rural-wood-floor-lamp-with-gray-shade---Tripod
    Rural wood floor lamp with gray shade - Tripod
  31. Art-deco-floor-lamp-steel-dimmable-with-smoke-glass-9-lights---Fon
    Art deco floor lamp steel dimmable with smoke glass 9 lights - Fon
    €209.00 €169.00
  32. Floor-lamp-tripod-white-wood-with-mineral-shade-50-cm---Puros
    Floor lamp tripod white wood with mineral shade 50 cm - Puros
  33. Artemide-floor-lamp-aluminum-adjustable---Artemide-Tolomeo-Lettura
    Artemide floor lamp aluminum adjustable - Artemide Tolomeo Lettura
    €365.00 €328.50
  34. Retro-floor-lamp-brass-with-Granny-shade-cream-45-cm---Kaso
    Retro floor lamp brass with Granny shade cream 45 cm - Kaso
    €149.00 €125.00
  35. Steel-floor-lamp-with-reading-lamp-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Diva-2
    Steel floor lamp with reading lamp incl. LED and dimmer - Diva 2
    €129.00 €83.95
  36. Design-floor-lamp-black-with-smoke-glass---Bliss
    Design floor lamp black with smoke glass - Bliss
    €179.00 €117.00
301 Items
Set Descending Direction

LED floor lamps

LED lighting has become one of the most essential lighting for indoor or outdoor use. You will find a large range of LED floor lights at suitable for your needs, floor lamps that already come with LED light sources or those that are suitable for LED bulbs. Energy efficient, low power consumption and lasts longer with greater light output than a standard conventional light, LED floor lamps are the must haves for your home. Styles and designs to suit any home or office, check out our range now!

LED floor lamps and sustainability go hand in hand.

Our range of LED floor lamps are not only efficient in functionality but they are beautifully designed to suit your home or office, styles ranging from modern and sleek to industrial and art deco designs. Floor lights that come with powerful LED lighting and adjustable in height, choose from Arc lamps to up lighters with reading arm to floor lamps with adjustable spotlights perfect for your bedroom, dining room and living room. Dimmable standard lamps allows you to control light intensity without having to worry about the longevity of the LED light sources or to emit heat in any way, beautiful lighting that will last you for years! Enjoy these lights as they have a unique way of illuminating and creating a great atmosphere for less, up to 80% more energy efficient and cost effective all year round on your energy bill. The ideal floor light with different styles and output that is sure to create the perfect lighting in any room.

Order LED Floor lamps here!

LED floor lamps are the ideal lamps to change the tone of any room. It can turn large living areas such as your living room, bedroom or dining room into a cosy and inviting space to entertain and provide the right lighting to the set the mood. Standard lamps and floor lights that come complete with LED light or are suitable for LED lighting bring a refreshing and complete change to your space, not only are they energy efficient and cost effective but they make a style statement and provide the right lighting needed for an open or cosy space. Whatever mood or style you want to create for your living space our range of LED floor lamps are the perfect place to start, you are sure to find a great selection at!

Need help or advise when it comes to LED floor lights?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right LED floor light. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we will help you get the right light for you.

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