Living room lighting

Large variety of lamps for your living room!
We offer a wide choice of living room lighting in different styles and designs. From beautiful and ornate ceiling lamps to large floor lamps to get you started on your basic lighting needs, why not add another table lamp for an atmospheric finish.

Living room lighting
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  1. Bankers-Lamp-Gold-with-Green-Shade
    Bankers Lamp Gold with Green Shade
    €76.95 €46.95
  2. Bronze-floor-lamp-with-reading-lamp-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Diva-2
    Bronze floor lamp with reading lamp incl. LED and dimmer - Diva 2
    €129.00 €91.95
  3. Ceiling-lamp-white-22.5-cm-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable-IP44---Steve
    Ceiling lamp white 22.5 cm incl. LED 3-step dimmable IP44 - Steve
    €39.95 €21.95
  4. Industrial-hanging-lamp-gold---Carcass
    Industrial hanging lamp gold - Carcass
    €54.95 €36.95
  5. Modern-recessed-spot-black---Rondoo
    Modern recessed spot black - Rondoo
    €17.95 €12.95
  6. Modern-recessed-or-surface-mounted-spot-white-11.7-cm-incl.-LED---Trans
    Modern recessed or surface mounted spot white 11.7 cm incl. LED - Trans
    €21.95 €11.95
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  7. Moderne-inbouwspot-zwart---Insight
    Moderne inbouwspot zwart - Insight
    €19.95 €4.95
  8. Country-ceiling-lamp-gray-30-cm---Drum
    Country ceiling lamp gray 30 cm - Drum
    €64.95 €35.95
  9. Modern-wall-lamp-white---Amy
    Modern wall lamp white - Amy
    €44.95 €19.95
  10. Classic-round-ceiling-lamp-gray-white-40-cm---Nica
    Classic round ceiling lamp gray white 40 cm - Nica
    €94.95 €79.95
  11. Classic-wall-lamp-brown-with-bronze-shade---Matt
    Classic wall lamp brown with bronze shade - Matt
  12. Oriental-ceiling-lamp-gold-19-cm---Mowgli
    Oriental ceiling lamp gold 19 cm - Mowgli
    €76.95 €56.95
  13. dark-days-sale

  14. Modern-arc-lamp-copper-with-white-shade---Arc-Basic
    Modern arc lamp copper with white shade - Arc Basic
    €129.00 €64.95
  15. Modern-recessed-spot-black-with-gold---Insta
    Modern recessed spot black with gold - Insta
    €14.95 €10.95
  16. Modern-ceiling-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-and-dimmer-Rondas
    Modern ceiling lamp steel incl. LED and dimmer Rondas
    €219.00 €106.00
  17. Floor-Lamp-Tripod-Tripe-Brass-with-Black-Shade
    Floor Lamp Tripod Tripe Brass with Black Shade
    €199.00 €113.00
  18. Art-Deco-hanging-lamp-crystal-with-gold-65-cm---Kasbah
    Art Deco hanging lamp crystal with gold 65 cm - Kasbah
    €759.00 €551.00
  19. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-8-Black-with-Sliding-Rod---Sputnik
    Modern Pendant Lamp 8 Black with Sliding Rod - Sputnik
    €139.00 €83.95
  20. Retro-table-lamp-black-with-gold---Magnax
    Retro table lamp black with gold - Magnax
    €76.95 €62.95
  21. Classic-notary-lamp-bronze-with-green---Banker
    Classic notary lamp bronze with green - Banker
    €77.95 €59.95
  22. Modern-floor-lamp-bronze-incl.-LED---Eva-1
    Modern floor lamp bronze incl. LED - Eva 1
    €89.95 €54.95
  23. Floor-lamp-gold-with-reading-lamp-incl.-LED-and-dimmer---Diva-2
    Floor lamp gold with reading lamp incl. LED and dimmer - Diva 2
    €129.00 €71.95
  24. Vintage-hanging-lamp-copper-with-wood---Pointer
    Vintage hanging lamp copper with wood - Pointer
    €129.00 €73.95
  25. Romantic-table-lamp-bronze-with-glass---Dome
    Romantic table lamp bronze with glass - Dome
    €54.95 €32.95
  26. Landelijke-ronde-wandlamp-gips---Colja-Novo
    Landelijke ronde wandlamp gips - Colja Novo
    €29.95 €25.95
  27. Ceiling-lamp-47-cm-star-effect-incl.-LED---Extrema
    Ceiling lamp 47 cm star effect incl. LED - Extrema
    €129.00 €71.95
  28. Design-wall-lamp-white---Sabbir
    Design wall lamp white - Sabbir
    €34.95 €26.95
  29. Design-wall-lamp-black-with-gold---Organo-S
    Design wall lamp black with gold - Organo S
    €47.95 €22.95
  30. Moderne-wandlamp-wit---Tjada-Novo
    Moderne wandlamp wit - Tjada Novo
    €27.95 €22.95
  31. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-35cm-Grey---Pallon
    Modern Pendant Lamp 35cm Grey - Pallon
    €79.95 €33.95
  32. Country-Round-Ceiling-Spotlight-Concrete---Deep
    Country Round Ceiling Spotlight Concrete - Deep
    €54.95 €33.95
  33. Art-Deco-Adjustable-Spotlight-Brass---Mosh-2
    Art Deco Adjustable Spotlight Brass - Mosh 2
    €49.95 €33.95
  34. Modern-Recessed-Spotlight-Aluminium---Rondoo
    Modern Recessed Spotlight Aluminium - Rondoo
    €19.95 €8.95
2833 Items
Set Descending Direction

Living room lighting

A living room other than your kitchen, dining room and bedroom is the heart of every home, it is one of the most used rooms in your home. Therefore we understand the need to have a cosy, warm and welcoming environment to sit down and enjoy as a family or as an entertaining room during a get together! We also understand the importance that it is the main room that your style and decor flourishes from, therefore we have a large selection of living room lights that are available in various sizes and types. Beautiful and adjustable pendant lights that come with fabric shades to a more modern and simple LED lights, to Arc floor lamps and up lighters with reading arm, the choices are endless. Find all of those and more at

Liven up your living room with our range of lights!

Our range of living room lamps will give you a decorative yet practical lighting to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere as lighting is a key element to bring together your style vision. It is essential the right lighting is used to offer both warmth and practicality and the lamp you also choose to suit your decor and design. We're here to guide you and assist you along the way! . Each living room is different and everyone has their own unique designs and decor. Some might like warm lighting using pendant lights that can be adjusted in height and come with lamp shades or a more modern and industrial wall lamp to add an edgy look.

Chandeliers are a classic and timeless lamps that will always add a unique style to your existing decor, perfect if you have dining and living room in one space. LED spotlights that can rotate and tilt to distribute light or focus on a canvas or painting on your wall can make a difference, what if you have limited space but want to make the most out of it, our beautiful rage of spotlights or ceiling lights that will allow you to compliment the overlook with decorative bulbs is the way to go. If you have a sideboard or side table in your living room you can also put together a cluster of small table lamps as accessories or one main table lamp with shade to create the perfect lighting in the evenings. Wall lights are also perfect, both practical as well as an atmospheric lighting to throw shadow on your wall or use it as a great up and down lighter, how about an Arc floor lamp in the corner of your room room to extend over your dining table or sofa or a floor lamp with a reading arm to make reading more easy without over using a light. Dimmable lamps or those that come with dimmer switches, are the ideal lamps as they allow you to control the light intensity thus creating a cosy and warm lighting for your living room, kitchen or bedroom. With our range of living room lights you can find all types of lamps that will suit your style and decor with us!

Need help finding the perfect living room lights? Let us help you.

At you will find a large selection living room lights, therefore choosing the right light that is suitable for your living room could prove a bit of difficulty. To assist and provide you with the relevant information you need, get in touch via our Chat service to submit your question and receive a personal response. Alternatively you can give us a call or email us to help you find an ideal and suitable lights.


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