Lighting by room

More than 2000 lamps in stock for each room in your home and directly available to you!

The perfect lights for your chosen room can all be found with us! Choose from a large range of different styles and colours to suit your living room to kitchen and children's bedroom to garden, endless choices for your chosen room! 

Lighting by room
2899 Items
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  1. Recessed-spotlight-silver-incl.-LED-3-step-dimmable---Ulo
    Recessed spotlight silver incl. LED 3-step dimmable - Ulo
    €10.95 €8.95
  2. Wall-lamp-with-motion-and-light-dark-sensor-on-solar---Daya
    Wall lamp with motion and light-dark sensor on solar - Daya
    €22.95 €19.95
  3. Modern-exterior-wall-lamp-dark-gray-incl.-LED-IP54---Mal
    Modern exterior wall lamp dark gray incl. LED IP54 - Mal
    €44.95 €23.95
  4. Ceiling-light-IP44-3-step-dimmable-incl.-LED-17-cm---Steve
    Ceiling light IP44 3-step dimmable incl. LED 17 cm - Steve
    €32.95 €18.95
  5. Industrial-wall-lamp-black-with-wood---Gallow
    Industrial wall lamp black with wood - Gallow
    €69.95 €37.95
  6. Modern-arc-lamp-copper-with-white-shade---Arc-Basic
    Modern arc lamp copper with white shade - Arc Basic
    €129.00 €58.95
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  7. Exterior-wall-light-anthracite-IP44---Kansas-graphite
    Exterior wall light anthracite IP44 - Kansas graphite
  8. Outdoor-lamp-post-black-50-cm-IP44---Sutton
    Outdoor lamp post black 50 cm IP44 - Sutton
    €99.95 €80.95
  9. Ground-spot-incl.-LED-on-solar-energy-IP44---Tiny
    Ground spot incl. LED on solar energy IP44 - Tiny
    €21.95 €10.95
  10. Rail-Track-Spotlight-Gissi-5-Black
    Rail Track Spotlight Gissi 5 Black
    €159.00 €72.95
  11. Country-standing-lamp-110-cm-black-IP44---Anna
    Country standing lamp 110 cm black IP44 - Anna
    €109.00 €64.95
  12. Rural-hanging-lamp-brown-rattan---Hatch-45
    Rural hanging lamp brown rattan - Hatch 45
    €99.95 €47.95
  13. summersale

  14. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-5-Copper---Darren
    Modern Pendant Lamp 5 Copper - Darren
    €129.00 €71.95
  15. Design-spot-white---Tubo-Honey
    Design spot white - Tubo Honey
  16. Modern-Ceiling-Lamp-3-Steel-incl.-LED---Faleri
    Modern Ceiling Lamp 3 Steel incl. LED - Faleri
    €34.95 €31.95
  17. Design-hanging-lamp-white-97-cm---Pirce-Suspension
    Design hanging lamp white 97 cm - Pirce Suspension
    €830.00 €747.00
  18. Wall-lamp-half-round-gray---Drum
    Wall lamp half round gray - Drum
    €44.95 €23.95
  19. Set-of-2-Pendant-Lamp-Goliath-Large-Weathered-Green-Copper
    Set of 2 Pendant Lamp Goliath Large Weathered Green Copper
    €169.00 €68.95
  20. Modern-ground-spot-steel-solar-energy-set-of-5-IP44---Tiny
    Modern ground spot steel solar energy set of 5 IP44 - Tiny
    €109.00 €44.95
  21. Modern-Pendant-Lamp-Gold---Facil-1
    Modern Pendant Lamp Gold - Facil 1
    €21.95 €14.95
  22. Wood-industrial-ceiling-lamp---Reena
    Wood industrial ceiling lamp - Reena
    €99.95 €80.95
  23. Design-table-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-and-touch-dimmer---Paulina
    Design table lamp steel incl. LED and touch dimmer - Paulina
    €99.95 €80.95
  24. Classic-Floor-Lamp-Bronze-with-White-Shade---Ashley
    Classic Floor Lamp Bronze with White Shade - Ashley
    €129.00 €66.95
  25. Art-deco-hanging-lamp-matt-brass-6-lights---Sydney
    Art deco hanging lamp matt brass 6 lights - Sydney
    €169.00 €77.95
  26. Artemide-Floor-Lamp-with-Cream/Beige-Shade---Tolomeo-Mega-Terra
    Artemide Floor Lamp with Cream/Beige Shade - Tolomeo Mega Terra
    €780.00 €702.00
  27. Ovale-badkamerspiegel-goud-met-touchdimmer-incl.-LED---Miral
    Ovale badkamerspiegel goud met touchdimmer incl. LED - Miral
    €609.00 €549.00
  28. Modern-hanging-lamp-steel-incl.-LED-60-cm-dim-to-warm---Ollie
    Modern hanging lamp steel incl. LED 60 cm dim to warm - Ollie
    €659.00 €577.00
  29. Country-hanging-lamp-white---Anterio-38
    Country hanging lamp white - Anterio 38
    €99.95 €49.95
  30. Industrial-hanging-lamp-black---Carcass
    Industrial hanging lamp black - Carcass
    €64.95 €45.95
  31. Industrial-floor-lamp-black---Magna
    Industrial floor lamp black - Magna
    €219.00 €129.00
  32. Adjustable-hanging-lamp-brass-dim-to-warm-incl.-LED---Juliet
    Adjustable hanging lamp brass dim to warm incl. LED - Juliet
    €539.00 €479.00
  33. Bankers-Lamp-Bronze-with-Green-Shade
    Bankers Lamp Bronze with Green Shade
    €76.95 €37.95
  34. Art-Deco-Ceiling-Spotlight-Black---Mosh-3
    Art Deco Ceiling Spotlight Black - Mosh 3
    €74.95 €38.95
  35. Badkamerspiegel-met-touchdimmer-incl.-LED-en-plateau---Miral
    Badkamerspiegel met touchdimmer incl. LED en plateau - Miral
    €559.00 €509.00
2899 Items
Set Descending Direction

Lighting by room

Are you looking for the right light to suit a specific room? You will find the largest collection of lights with us that is sure to suit your chosen room. All types of lamps that range from ceiling lights, spotlights to chandeliers and LED lights are all available and ready to style and accessories your living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and kitchen. With endless choices, find the perfect lights for your room and more with us!

Stylish, welcoming and practical lamps for your chosen room or outdoor area!

Our range of lamps will give you a decorative yet practical lighting to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere ideal and suitable for your needs and style. Each room is different and lighting is a key element, yet it may vary in the type of design and decor you want to go for. We stock a large range of adjustable pendant lamps and spotlights that are suitable for low ceilings and small spaces for your living room, how about an Arc floor lamp for the corner of your room to add extra lighting and style. Chandeliers are perfect to add a timeless and classic style to your dining room or your kitchen, how about an LED spotlights for your kitchen cabinets or LED strip lighting to save space and illuminate your cupboards or panels. Stylish and retro bedroom touch table lamps or table lamps with shades as your sideboard accessory for your hallway or living room. Wall lamps are ideal to add extra light and decor to reflect light up your wall or ceiling, create a shadowy and atmospheric lighting with up and down lighters.

Are you limited for space? How about ceiling lights that are small and compact yet exude in style and design in the form of track lighting or spotlights. Compact lamps that come with lamps, choose lamp shades that suit your colour and size for your standing or hanging lamps. Compliment each lamp with a decorative or practical LED bulbs for an energy efficient and long lasting light. LED recessed spotlights and mirror lights for your bathroom, finish the looks with wall lamps or a pendant lamp ranging from different IP classifications to suit your chosen bathroom zone. What about outdoors, looking for security lighting with solar and LED light sources? Check out our large range of decorative ground and decking lights, to classic lanterns and motion sensor lamps IR and twilight switches for your front and back garden. With over 3000 products to suit each room, you have unlimited access to find the perfect lights for your room!

Need help finding a light for your chosen room or area? Let us help you.

At you will find a large selection lamps and lights, therefore choosing the right light that is suitable for your room could prove a bit of difficulty. To assist and provide you with the relevant information you need, get in touch via our Chat service to submit your question and receive a personal response. Alternatively you can give us a call or email us to help you find an ideal and suitable lights.


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