Smart LED lighting

Smart LED Lighting

We are using more and more smart technology at home and this is only expected to continue in the coming years. This is now found in lighting and you will find different types of smart LED lights with handy features!

Dim to warm light technology;

Dim to warm are equipped with the latest smart technology which allows you to control the colour temperature of the light. At full light the colour temperature is at 2700K, dim to start seeing the colour change to a more warmer and atmospheric light intensity at 2000K. The more you dim the more ambiance created. Perfect to determine the best mood for your chosen space.


Dim to warm

4 Step LED Dimmer lighting

Along with other smart LED lighting, you will find a 4 step dimmable lamps and bulbs. The great thing about this is that you don't need a dimmer switch, the dimming aspect comes from your main switch for the lamp. Control the light intensity between 100% and 25% by using a main wall switch or plug sockets to choose your d esired light intensity. First switch the light is on at 100%, second switch light intensity drops to 75%, third switch the light intensity goes down to 50% and the fourth click is dimmed all the way down to 25%. The fith click switchs the light off. This is the perfect type of lamp or bulb to use if you would like all in one dimmable fitting that does not require an external LED dimmer switch to provide the right atmosphere for your chosen space.


4 steps dimmable

LED bulb with sensor

An LED bulb with smart sensor technology! A decorative bulb with the latest smart sensor technology to allow you to use with your chosen outdoor lamps without the need of getting external sensors. Perfect dusk to dawn sensor that will automatically come on when it becomes dark. Easy to use bulb with great light output and decorative in form.


with sensor

RGB LED lamps and bulb

Smart and modern RGB lamps and bulbs that allows you to select multiple RGB clours to light up your room by the touch of remote control. RGB creates a colourful and vibrant space for your chosen area as you can set any colour of your choice to create the ultimate atmosphere.



3in1 LED lamps and bulbs

Part of the smart LED lighting, is the 3in1 LED technology which allows you to change through 3 kelvins of 3000K-4000K-6000K which is from warm white to cool white. You can switch from these settings through the wall switch or plug socket if using the bulb, quick succession of the switch will allow you to control which light intensity you desire and suits your space.



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