What does an energy label indicate?

When you purchase a lamp, you will notice that the packaging comes with an energy label. However, what does an energy label really mean?

Every lamp and bulb such as halogens, LEDs and fluorescents just to name a few must all be provided with an energy label as this indicates how energy efficient a lamp is.

Energy lable

What does the label look like?

At the top of the label you’ll find the supplier’s name and the supplier’s identifier for the model of light bulb. Under these you'll find the energy classification; a light bulb in class A or B saves you energy. At the bottom of the label you'll see the energy consumption, shown in kWh per 1000 hours. LED lights are often the most energy efficient light bulbs available. Scanning the QR code on the energy label will take you to the European Commission’s online product database where you’ll find detailed information about the product. Here it can also be verified that the information stated on the label is correct.

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