What is a ballast

What is a ballast?

A ballast is a device in order to operate tubelights, PL lamps and other gas discharge lamps. A ballast creates a peak voltage in order to get the lamp started. It also makes sure that the voltage stays within the norm in order to let the lamp burn.

Ballast                    Electronic ballast

Ballast                                           Electronic ballast

What is a driver?

A driver is often used in LED lighting and has the same function as a transformer. it is a device which the output voltage and frequency of the power increases. This allows the LED lights which has a lower voltage than the normal average mains to still connect to the AC power.



What is a dusk switch?

A dusk switch responds to light and darkness and is adjustable as desired.

Built-in twillight SwitchTwilight switch components

Built-in twillight Switch                Twilight switch components

What is an infrared motion sensor?

An infrared motion sensor responds to the movement of heat. The time of illumination is adjustable as desired.

Infrared motion sensor

Infrared motion sensor