Bedroom chandeliers

Country, modern or classic bedroom chandeliers available at lampandlight!
Bedroom chandeliers
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  1. Vintage-kroonluchter-goud-5-lichts-zonder-kap---Botanica
    Vintage kroonluchter goud 5-lichts zonder kap - Botanica
    €199.00 €146.00
  2. Chandelier-chrome-and-brass-S-arm-5-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Chandelier chrome and brass S-arm 5 lights - Marie Theresa
    €175.00 €130.00
  3. Vintage-chandelier-chrome-C-arm-8-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Vintage chandelier chrome C-arm 8 lights - Marie Theresa
  4. Classic-chandelier-chrome-with-black-shade---Ann-Kathrin-3
    Classic chandelier chrome with black shade - Ann-Kathrin 3
  5. Vintage-chandelier-chrome-C-arm-6-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Vintage chandelier chrome C-arm 6 lights - Marie Theresa
    €175.00 €116.00
  6. Rural-chandelier-taupe---Villanova-5
    Rural chandelier taupe - Villanova 5
    €149.00 €115.00
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  7. Classic-chandelier-rust-brown---Como-5
    Classic chandelier rust brown - Como 5
    €99.95 €62.95
  8. Classic-Chandelier-Weathered-Dark-Grey---Zero-Branco-5
    Classic Chandelier Weathered Dark Grey - Zero Branco 5
    €99.95 €74.95
  9. Vintage-chandelier-chrome-C-arm-5-lights---Marie-Theresa
    Vintage chandelier chrome C-arm 5 lights - Marie Theresa
    €149.00 €91.95
  10. Chandelier-gold-with-white-shades-5-light---Botanica
    Chandelier gold with white shades 5-light - Botanica
    €253.75 €199.00
  11. Classic-chandelier-rust-brown-with-white-caps---Como-5
    Classic chandelier rust brown with white caps - Como 5
    €129.00 €119.00
12 Items
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Your bedroom is the place where you go to relax after a long day, so we understand the need for a cosy, warm and welcoming feeling when you enter it, but you also want to make a statement when it comes to the overall decor, therefore a beautiful and statment making chandelier is ideal! Bedroom lighting is important as you want a decorative yet practical light that will provide comfort, our range of bedroom chandeliers will do just that. Range of beautiful chandeliers with matching wall lights to suit the size of your bedroom, ideal replacements for your existing pendant light or ceiling lights. Get inspired by our range of bedroom chandeliers! 

Stylish and practical bedroom chandeliers! 

Whether you are loking for a traditional, country or a simple and modern chandelier that would be perfect for your bedroom look no further. Chandeliers with beautiful clamp shades that creates a romantic and warm ligh when it is on, or simple and modern crystal chandelier with ornate details and gold accents to a more country style chandelier with classic shape with wooden beads. DIfferent styles and sizes available from rustic antique with 5 arms to large 8 arm Italian handmade with droplets that adds elegabe and charm to your overall bedroom decor. Ideal and decorative LED or halogen candle bulbs to a finish the complete look, dimmable allowing you to enjoy a romantic and cosy setting. 

Need help or advice when it comes to choosing bedroom glass chandeliers?

At you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advice and we will help you get the right light for you.


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