Wall lights

Large range of different styled wall lamps!
You will find a large range of LED wall lamps, decorative single wall spotlights to more modern and classic wall lamps. A wall lamp can be a space saver for small areas or combine it with other lamps such as floor and table lamps in large areas.

Wall lights
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  1. Country-Square-Wall-Lamp-Concrete---Alban
    Country Square Wall Lamp Concrete - Alban
    €54.95 €37.95
  2. Country-Half-Round-Wall-Lamp-Concrete-Grey---Adelaide
    Country Half Round Wall Lamp Concrete Grey - Adelaide
    €54.95 €32.95
  3. Industrial-Wall-Lamp-Concrete-with-Black-Frame-Shade---Edison
    Industrial Wall Lamp Concrete with Black Frame Shade - Edison
    €39.95 €22.95
  4. Art-Deco-Round-Wall-Lamp-Bronze-with-Antique-Stained-Glass---Anno
    Art Deco Round Wall Lamp Bronze with Antique Stained Glass - Anno
    €86.95 €7.95
  5. Rural-square-wall-lamp-rust-brown---Cage
    Rural square wall lamp rust brown - Cage
    €79.95 €74.95
  6. Rustic-brown-wall-lamp-with-2-light-switch---Crete
    Rustic brown wall lamp with 2-light switch - Crete
    €59.95 €53.95
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  7. Vintage-wall-lamp-black---Botanica
    Vintage wall lamp black - Botanica
    €49.95 €30.95
  8. Industrial-adjustable-wall-lamp-metal---Rela
    Industrial adjustable wall lamp metal - Rela
    €219.00 €117.00
  9. Rustic-adjustable-wall-lamp-rust---Rego
    Rustic adjustable wall lamp rust - Rego
    €189.00 €113.00
  10. Rustic-adjustable-wall-lamp-steel---Rego
    Rustic adjustable wall lamp steel - Rego
    €189.00 €93.95
  11. Classic-wall-lamp-chrome-with-black-shade---Ann-Kathrin-2
    Classic wall lamp chrome with black shade - Ann-Kathrin 2
    €49.95 €38.95
  12. Vintage-Wall-Lamp-Beige---Combi-Classic
    Vintage Wall Lamp Beige - Combi Classic
  13. summer-savings

  14. Rustic-brown-wall-lamp-with-glass---Dallas
    Rustic brown wall lamp with glass - Dallas
  15. Industrial-wall-and-ceiling-lamp-black-tiltable---Guida
    Industrial wall and ceiling lamp black tiltable - Guida
    €24.95 €19.95
  16. Vintage-Wall-Lamp-Black---Combi-Classic-
    Vintage Wall Lamp Black - Combi Classic
    €32.95 €18.95
  17. Industrial-wall-and-ceiling-lamp-gray-tiltable---Guida
    Industrial wall and ceiling lamp gray tiltable - Guida
    €24.95 €18.95
  18. Art-Deco-wall-lamp-black-with-clear-glass---Scone
    Art Deco wall lamp black with clear glass - Scone
    €99.95 €17.95
  19. Industrial-wall-lamp-gray-with-white---Liko
    Industrial wall lamp gray with white - Liko
    €79.95 €12.95
  20. Artemide-Wall-Lamp---Tolomeo-Basculante-Parete
    Artemide Wall Lamp - Tolomeo Basculante Parete
    €290.00 €261.00
  21. Rural-round-wall-lamp-plaster-incl.-1-x-G9---Colja
    Rural round wall lamp plaster incl. 1 x G9 - Colja
  22. Rural-wall-lamp-rust-brown-with-cream-glass---Castle
    Rural wall lamp rust brown with cream glass - Castle
    €64.95 €35.95
21 Items
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Wall lights

Wall Lights are ideal for creating extra lighting, setting an atmospheric mood in a room or they can simply be a decorative piece. Choose from a wide range of classic, modern, rustic to industrial wall lamps that will suit your style and design. For which ever area you choose a lamp for, be assured that we have lights that will suit particular spaces or decor. Check out our range of Bedroom, Living Room or even Outdoor wall lights.

Add more light or atmosphere in your room using a Wall Light.

A lamp with indirect light gives your chosen room an instant warmth, welcoming and cosy feeling! If you have a large room and require extra lighting, why not combine some lights along with your Pendant or Ceiling lights or if you have a small room, you can create an illusion using a wall light to create space and light. How about going for LED lighting or choosing LED Bulbs for your wall lights for a more energy efficient and longer lasting light output. If that is not all, how about creating your own design! You can mix n’ match wall lamps by choosing the wall lamp and shade that suits you best. Choose a wall lamp and customise it with the type of lampshade, size and colour that you want, like copper. This way you will create the perfect lidht that will fit your chosen room. You may find some of our lamps are part of series or collections, this allows you to design a room with the same collection ranging from ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps.

Need help or advise when it comes to Wall Lighting?

At lampandlight.eu you will find that there is always help available to assist you in finding the right lamp. You can contact us Monday to Friday between 8am until 5pm via email, chat or you can call us. We offer free advise and we will help you get the right light for you.


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