New Romantics

New Romantics

A bit of Hollywood in your home

Nothing too cuddly or frilly, its all about basic glamour and luxury when it comes to this trend. Inspired by the ´Hollywood Regency´ style from the 1930s where it exudes elegance and charm, homes were designed like film sets to immitate that style. This style is back and on trend but with a bit of a twist! We renamed it: The New Romantics style and decor! The New Romantics style is innovative, cosy and super trendy!

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Gold: that extra little something

Yes, we are so glad that golden tones are back on trend this year! Gold and brass are key colours when it comes to the New Romantics style, they radiate glamour and elegance with a luxurious finish. We are seeing a trend of metallic shades making a come back, subtle golden sparkels exudes luxury but also brings a lot of warmth and ambiance in your home. Warm colours are a must have in a New Romantic style and decor, think of colours such as dark green, petrol blue, soft pink, aubergine purple and earthy tones such as terracotta. These warm and dark colours give your room more character and vibrancy and can easily be combined with gold and brass finishes.

The 70s in a new style

Materials such as marble, concrete, gold and brass (of course) cannot be ignored in this style! A marble kitchen counter or golden legged dining chairs is a must have to add to your decor. Marble in different colours with soft pink or terracotta colours are real statement makers, combining different material in a New Romantic style excude glamour and elegance. Soft fabrics such as velvet also make this style stand out and add warmth, simple geometric pattenrs or oganic designs with influences from the 70s are back on trend agian. Stay on trend with the New Romantic style.

Pink light? Yes, its so in

Coloured glass shades such as pink, smokey grey or amber are on trend when it comes to this style as they are statement making and striking, influences from the 70s are being revisited with a bit of modern twist as they add chic look in your decor. In addition to glass shades, gold and brass lamps are ideal to in in-cooperate in to this style, you are able to combine gold and brass lights with natural materials such as marble or concrete. Lamps that come with inner golden shades are perfect to emit a warm and atmospheric lighting, completely transforms your home!

New Romantics