Light cables and connection cables available with us! 
Do you want to customise and change the overall look of an existing lamp? Take a look at our collection of different coloured and textured light cables to add character and vibrancy to your decor or simply use a connection cable to get a plug and switch on your light! 

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  1. Connection-cable-80-120cm-with-switch-and-transparent-plug
    Connection cable 80-120cm with switch and transparent plug
    €7.95 €6.95
  2. Connection-Cable-80cm-120cm-White-with-switch-and-plug
    Connection Cable 80cm-120cm White with switch and plug
    €5.95 €4.95
  3. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-3x2.5-MM2---50-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 3x2.5 MM2 - 50 Meters
    €169.00 €149.00
  4. Connection-cable-300-cm-with-black-plug
    Connection cable 300 cm with black plug
    €6.95 €5.95
  5. Connection-Cable-80cm-120cm-Black-with-switch-and-plug
    Connection Cable 80cm-120cm Black with switch and plug
    €5.95 €4.95
  6. Connection-Cable-80cm-120cm-Gold-with-switch-and-plug
    Connection Cable 80cm-120cm Gold with switch and plug
    €5.95 €4.95
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  7. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-2x2.5-MM2---10-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 2x2.5 MM2 - 10 Meters
    €29.95 €27.95
  8. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-2x2.5-MM2---50-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 2x2.5 MM2 - 50 Meters
    €149.00 €129.00
  9. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-3x2.5-MM2---25-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 3x2.5 MM2 - 25 Meters
    €84.95 €76.95
  10. Ground-Cable-Roll-VO-XMvKas-Eca-2x2.5-MM2---25-Meters
    Ground Cable Roll VO-XMvKas Eca 2x2.5 MM2 - 25 Meters
    €76.95 €69.95
10 Items
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A wide range of beautiful and bright flex cables in a variety of colours and sizes. Give your existing lamp a new look with either a braided, plain, steel or clear flex cables! Flex cables are great when you want to extend the height of lamp or you simply would like to change the design of an existing pendant or wall light to a colour that suits you best! With our low prices, you are able to purchase the number of meters you want by simply adding the quantity in your basket as a whole. From a two core and three core double insulated flex cables, we have the right cables for your needs. Get inspired by our own lamps that uses the same flex cables for some of the pendant lights! Ideal flex cables to add style and design as decorative lighting to your interior decor!

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